About Johanna

Short Introduction Video

If you could pick two superpowers, what would they be?

I would pick teleportation & being able to stop time

Using my camera to keep family memories alive is the closest I get to stopping time. I’m still working on the teleportation.

All in all, I feel like my job is a superpower, and I love that it brings joy to my clients AND is enjoyable for everyone involved (yes, even those who hate having their photo taken!)

Who am I?

Family fun, mother and children playing on bed.
johanna king
Summer in my grandparents’ garden, in the pram that we later used with our baby dolls. I can “see” parents and grandparents sitting around us in the shade.

From the age of 10, I cared about printed photos.

When I was around ten years old, I used to ask myself what I would do if the house suddenly went on fire.

I had it all figured out: I would get up from my bed (for some reason, I was always in my bedroom in this scenario), take all the photo albums on my shelf, open the window, throw them as far as possible and climb down after them (I was on the first floor but could easily drop down without breaking a leg). If I had time I would also save all my journals and letters, but they would always come second.

Back then, I had already understood what was replaceable and what wasn’t.

Money could be earned again. Books and toys could be purchased again. However, the photographs of my childhood would be lost for good. They were my most valuable belonging, and a fire was my most feared nightmare.

Thankfully, I never had to put my master plan into action.

My goal today is to document our life for our children to have very precious photo albums they’ll imagine saving from a fire.

johanna king
My mother and I.
johanna king
My cousin and I. Very much like sisters.
johanna king
My mother and I, on holidays.
johanna king

Printing Your Family Photos

Like me, you are likely drowning in digital photos and struggling to get them printed in books or framed for your walls.

This is why, from your vision to printed photos, I take care of everything!

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  • I can answer all of your questions and if it all sounds good…
  • We will schedule your family photography session.
Woman smiling on stairs with framed photos.