Mentoring for Photographers

Professional & Amateur Photographers welcome!

You don’t have to do it all alone.

Starting or growing a photography business is far from being easy. We need to wear many hats and some of them don’t come naturally to us.

One of the most important things I have made for my business is investing in education & mentoring at times where I felt I couldn’t afford it. The thing is, it often is the very thing you cannot afford NOT to invest in.

Example of subjects I can help you with:

Personal Photography

If photography is your passion and you would like to get better at photographing your children/family, you may be interested in:

  • Image Review: if you don’t have a business, I will highlight your strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Bespoke Session (You ask questions, I answer!)

Professional Photography

If you own a business or are starting a photography business, you may be interested in:

  • Portfolio Review: let’s pick photos for your website that will attract your ideal client.
  • Session Review: let’s go through a contact sheet from a full photo session and I’ll highlight your strength and areas of improvement.
  • Website Critique: a good website is a website that fulfils its goal.
  • Business Mentoring: Branding, Marketing, Pricing, Sales. Searching online can become overwhelming. Let’s talk about the best way forward for YOU.
  • Switching to Documentary Family Photography
  • Bespoke Session (You ask questions, I answer!)


Standalone session: €250.
90 minutes online (Zoom or Skype).

You can also pre-pay for a number of sessions ahead of time:
€700 – 3 sessions
€1350 – 6 sessions
€2600 – 12 sessions

In-person workshop

(Subject to Covid-19 Regulations)

3h30 in a location near me.

The in-person workshop is perfect for in-the-field mentoring, but can also be used to discuss any of the above subjects (this gives us time to go more in-depth).

Each session is €500 and can be shared with one other photographer.

Add a review of your images from the photoshoot for €200 (either online or in-person on the same day).

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