Life isn't "picture-perfect" and that's what makes it interesting.

Based in Dublin, Ireland. Open to travel nationwide.

A Unique Kind of Newborn & Family Photography:
Playful. Real. Timeless.

A documentary-style family photography session is the best possible gift to yourself and your family.

“Spontaneous, authentic & deeply personal images.” Monica

Family photography for those who…

  • are expecting a new baby and want to capture “life before you”,
  • have a newborn at home and want to remember the fog of the early days,
  • cherish crazy everyday family life with your toddlers or teenagers,
  • or want a special family event captured,

Using a documentary approach to photography, I provide you with a safe space where you can relax, be yourself, and forget about the camera.

Family memories are little treasures that need to be preserved.

From your vision to printed photos, I take care of everything!

I can photograph any stage of your family life. What matters is that it is important to you and you would like to preserve it from time (and normal memory loss).

Maternity Photography, Newborn Photography, Family Photography, Grandparents Generation Photography, Children’s Portraits & Family Events Photography.

What to expect Get in touch

It’s such a breath of fresh air.

Greg, fathers of two, seeing the images for the first time.

Family Video Short Story

Document some everyday activities or special memories of your family during a 3 hours video session either indoor, outdoor, or both.

Video is the perfect way to capture voices, laughs, and expressions.

Your family keepsake film will become your children’s new favourite movie.

(Video sessions are limited to 1 per month.)

More info on video sessions

Photographing life as we live it

In our homes, among our beautiful messes, in the spaces that mean something to us. I want to remember everything about my daughter’s childhood: the scenes, the experiences, the smells. This is impossible, of course. But I know that a photograph can bring us back to a season in the past. And I want to give my clients this gift of memories.

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