In-Home Newborn Photographer in Dublin

Welcome home: capturing the intimate story of your new arrival

Document the experience, at home.
The little details matter: they will help you remember.

The tired face, the muslin clothes everywhere, baby sleeping on your chest, and eating dinner one-handed. These are the things that will spark your memory ten years from now.

From your first baby to your last baby, there is a story to tell

  1. My newborn photography sessions are always baby-led. This means there is no pressure on you or the baby to make “something” happen while I’m here.
  2. In the first few weeks, leaving the house can be stressful. The session will take place in the comfort of your own home, and you don’t even have to leave your bed if you don’t want to.
  3. This makes it easier to include siblings and pets.
  4. You can even invite grandparents if you’d love to include them in the photos.
  5. I work in an unobtrusive and calm manner. Even parents who don’t like having their photo taken enjoy a newborn photoshoot with me.
Tiny newborn toes in a father's hand under the gaze of a big sister

These are my last baby’s toes and my big girl’s nose. I love this photo, but I am missing from it. So I also hired a newborn photographer.

“Johanna came to photograph our family soon after the birth of our daughter. Her calm and gentle manner put us all at ease and she was particularly good with our boisterous two-year-old. The pictures are wonderful and really capture a special moment in time so soon after the new arrival.”

Close-up of baby's bare foot.


Newborn & Family Photoshoot in Dublin, Ireland

Photobook of printed documentary family photographs taken by Johanna King Photography in Cork showing a baby and a toddler

Capture the chaos as well as the cute toes

Life with a newborn can be crazy and chaotic. Our house turns into a mess and we hardly have the time to change out of our pajamas, never mind washing our hair.

Parents come to me to capture part of that newborn chaos, because, eventually, things will settle and change and we will forget most of it (hello newborn brain fog!)

Albums & Prints

Even with the best of intentions, getting photographs printed for your walls and albums will fall to the bottom of the to-do list. This is why I include a print credit or a photo album in all of my collections.

“The photos were taken during a time where we were absolutely elated but exhausted – afraid we’d forget what life was like… This is a beautiful “no fuss” way of capturing a moment in time. We loved seeing all the fantastic photos that were taken: even though it was only a few weeks later they still took me back!”

Family Photos by Johanna King Photography


Newborn Photography Session in Dublin, Ireland

Photobooks of printed documentary family photographs taken by Johanna King Photography including two mini duplicates

How does a documentary newborn photographer work?

No posing, no directing, no cheesy smiles, or looking straight at the camera.

It also means no pressure: babies can sleep, feed, cry, and get their nappy changed. Siblings are allowed to run around, hold the baby, or ignore them entirely. Everyone can wear what they love and be themselves. Even camera-shy parents end up loving it.

Family Photos by Johanna King Photography

My short story sessions are up to 2 hours long

It is ideal with newborn sessions without any siblings.

You can have a loose plan such as “giving a bath” or simply follow your baby’s cues and I will capture your family as you settle into this new life.

Family Newborn Photographer in Dublin and Ireland

My day-in-the-life sessions are up to 4 hours (half day) or up to 10 hours (full day)

I would suggest day-in-the-life newborn sessions if you have older children and/or know you want a wider range of everyday moments captured.


Session fees start at €450

This does not include any digitals or products.

After your session and viewing your images, you’ll get to choose the collection that best fits your family. 

Collections start at €950

All of my collections include digital files & a complimentary print credit to transform those images into tangible products.

newborn photographer
newborn photographer

Behind-the-scene of a Real Life Session with a Documentary Newborn & Family Photographer

What a session with me is like

Have a look at these behind-the-scene videos to see how easy and relaxed a session with me is like. A family photoshoot doesn’t have to be stressful.

Behind The Scenes of a Maternity & Family Photoshoot in Dublin
Behind The Scenes of a Morning In The Life Family Photoshoot in Dublin

“I was worried that it would be stressful to have a photographer in the house with such a new baby but Johanna was totally unobtrusive, and so good at developing a rapport with us and with the children. I love knowing that we’ll be able to look back at the album in future years and remember how it was at this special (but slightly hazy) time!”

Family Newborn Photographer in Dublin and Ireland


Newborn Photography Session in Dublin, Ireland

Capture the newborn phase and embrace what comes next

When they’re so small, time feels like it’s rushing by, and I know I found it difficult to “take it all in”. It’s easier to embrace a new phase when we know the previous one has been captured for us to look back on.