Sessions & Pricing

Investing in professional albums and documentary family photography ensures that the precious moments and stories of your family are preserved for generations to come, becoming cherished heirlooms that capture the essence of who you are and the love that binds you together.

A stress-free experience for the whole family

Capturing. Selecting. Designing. Printing.

From start to finish, I want this experience to be EASY for you.

Your job is to just BE. Be in the moment, with your family, without worrying about anything but being yourself. I’ll do the rest.

On this page, you will find: What to Expect, Behind-the-scenes videos, A real photo of myself & my daughter,

What to expect

1. You get in touch

Whether you’re ready to book or have some questions, simply fill out my contact form and we’ll go through them on the phone or by email, whichever is most convenient for you. If you have a specific event/date in mind, get in touch as soon as possible.

2. We hang out for your session

No posing, no prompts, no forced smiles. The day of the session should feel EASY and involve no bribing (toddler or partner). It is a “come as you are” situation except I am the one coming to you. Tell the kids I’m just a friend with a camera, and I’ll take care of the rest.

3. Viewing and selecting your images

Within 6 weeks after your session, you will get to view your images online for the first time. Depending on your chosen collection, you will have some decisions to make (number of images, album, prints, etc.) and I’m here to guide you.

4. Designing your products

This is my favourite part: seeing your story come together in a tangible printed product. Whether it is your album or prints, you will fall in love with your images all over again when you hold them in your hands.

“I usually hate having photos taken but I felt entirely at ease with Johanna. She was brilliant with my son, & has managed to capture a really precious time in our lives.”

Mother embracing toddler in black and white photo.


Breastfeeding & Family Photoshoot in Dublin, Ireland

Behind-the-scene of a Real Life Session with a Documentary Newborn & Family Photographer

What a session with me is like

Have a look at these behind-the-scene videos to see how easy and relaxed a session with me is like. A family photoshoot doesn’t have to be stressful.

Behind The Scenes of a Maternity & Family Photoshoot in Dublin
Behind The Scenes of a Morning In The Life Family Photoshoot in Dublin

“I can’t recommend Johanna highly enough. We have had 4 documentary-style sessions with her and have 4 beautiful albums now, and many framed prints. Johanna has a lovely relaxed manner and is great with kids. She has also given me invaluable advice on curating the framed photos on our walls. We look forward to more sessions with her.”

Family Photos at Home After School in Enniskerry


Family Photoshoot in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

It’s more than natural family photography: it’s REAL.

My approach to family photography is relaxed and unobtrusive. My goal is to put everyone at ease and make the whole experience stress-free and fun.

Kids are awesome little beings. With some freedom, they will show me who they are, their quirks, likes, and dislikes, and I’ll get to capture it for you.

There will likely be joy & laughs and maybe tears or tantrums. You’ll hear me say it often: don’t worry about it, REAL IS PERFECT.

If your children are comfortable, so will you.
You’ll be surprised at how quickly you start feeling relaxed in front of my camera.

I know it can feel vulnerable or a little awkward but remember: I am a mother too.

My family life is real and messy too.

Photograph of Johanna King

I love this photograph of myself, comforting my big girl during one of our very own family sessions in 2017.

Photo Album from maternity and newborn session

Why printing your photographs matters

As a busy parent, it’s hard to prioritise printing photos over every other task.

Yet. In 10, 20, or 30 years, your family is more likely to sit down together on the couch to flick through photo albums rather than search the cloud on the iPad.

While there is a place for digital photos, they will never replace the joy felt at seeing a print on your walls every day, or the ability to pause and study a child’s features on paper.

This is why all my collections & packages include a print credit or an album.

All the products are printed either in Ireland or Portugal.

A session for every need

Watch the slideshow for an example of a full day-in-the-life.

Full day-in-the-life sessions

Day-in-the-life sessions are 100% documentary in approach and aim to document what your family looks & feels like in this particular season of life.

The best part? You don’t need to do anything extraordinary. What we want is to capture the simple tiny moments of family life, the kind of moments that we don’t always notice, but often end up missing.

This being said, I can also follow you on a family adventure, or even on vacation.

Up to 10 hours (ex: 8am-6pm)

Watch the slideshow for an example of a half day-in-the-life.

Half day-in-the-life sessions

If one full day sounds a little bit too much right now, half a day might be perfect for you. The moments will be very similar, there will just be fewer of them.

Pick either morning or afternoon/evening and we’ll hang out together capturing memories of this particular season in your life.

Up to 4 hours (ex: 9am-1pm)

Watch the slideshow for an example of a short family session at home.

Short story photo sessions

These are 2 hours and are also unposed/undirected and can take place at home or out and about.

You can pick a couple of activities or a part of the day that you have always wanted photographs of. While you stay present with your family, I’ll make great pictures that highlight the connections you have with one another.

“It surprised me how quickly I have become converted to the idea of having our lives periodically documented as an important expenditure. I also think, where initially I had no idea of the cost of the product, that it is excellent value for money.”

Family Photos by Johanna King Photography


Grandparent and Family Photoshoot in Dublin, Ireland


Summer Home Dublin Family Photography

#1 Session Fee

Session fees start at €450 for 1-2 hours.

This does not include any digitals or products.

After your session and viewing your images, you’ll get to choose the collection that best fits your family. 

Photography Products Family Dublin

#2 Pick a Collection

Collections start at €950

All of my collections include digital files & a complimentary print credit to transform those images into tangible products.

#3 Enjoy Seeing Your Images in Print

Digital files are great for safeguarding, but there is nothing like looking at photographs “in person”, and I make it easy for you to order albums and prints from the comfort of your home.

All-inclusive packages are available for Half and Full Day-In-The-Life Sessions and include a base album and all digital files.

We are the right fit if:

  • You love natural, candid portraits.
  • You savour simple moments of family life.
  • You often feel like your children are growing too fast.
  • You spend more time behind a camera than in front of it.
  • You would like to be in your family photos more.
  • You would like someone else to take care of everything (sorting, designing, printing) and save you time.
  • You are looking for a photographer who has a calming presence.