‘Balance’ Photobook | Santry Community Garden


“Thank you so much for such a special piece of art. I was really moved by the images and the feeling of your book.” Noel “A wonderful collection of photographs that captures the colour and tranquillity of Santry Community Garden. Every page sparkles with the beauty of nature.” Niall “I really needed this book in…

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While the Internet has brought the world to our fingertips, it seems that the constant flow of information distances us from the people who are with us in the flesh. Contrast that with the atmosphere inside the Santry Community Garden. In the heart of north Dublin, local people of all ages find community together through tending the vegetables, flowers and trees. Nature has the power to ground human beings. I began to document the garden over the course of a year as a means of nurturing my own artistic practice, and this book is our harvest.

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