Photobooks Design & Printing Service

  • Do you have thousands of photographs on your hard-drives but struggling to organise and print them?
  • Do you want to gift your children with a photo album including photographs from birth to now?
  • Do you have wedding photographs you’ve never put into an album?

While anyone can design and print a photobook online, it is an overwhelming and time-consuming task. The printing quality is also a concern for many.

Let me help design and print photo books for you!

Depending on your needs and the amount/quality of the photographs, I can create simple 1 image per page layouts or include multiple images across both pages.

Dublin Family Photo Session Album

Superior printing quality from my professional printing labs

There are two paper/pages options are also available.

  • Option #1: Lay-flat pages. Thick and sturdy, these are great for albums of 20 to 50 pages.
  • Option #2: Press / book pages. Thin yet high quality, these are great for albums of 40 to 200 pages.

And a choice between printed hardback covers and fabric covers

Design & Printing Pricing

Photo Book Design Service & Printing starting at €525

What is included for this price?

  1. Book Design using your selection of images
  2. Two rounds of changes
  3. Printing with a professional lab on high-quality paper
  4. Starting Photobook (either of these options):
    1. 24 pages with rigid, lay-flat spreads (25x25cms) – Around 30-35 images*
    2. 50 pages with 300gsm thin ‘book’ pages (29x21cms) – Around 70 images*
  • Amount of images may vary depending on the layout and the story.

Cover choices included:

  • Printed hardback cover (design will include one or several photos on the front and a title)
  • Textile or Leatherette

Extra rigid pages: + €20
Extra thin pages: + €10

An introduction text can also be included at the beginning of the book.

Optional Extras:

  • I can do the selection of images from a large collection of photos.
  • Scanning.
  • Duplicate copies of the book (at 50% of the price).
  • Gift Box