‘Unconventional Families’ Project – Ireland

I am currently looking for families to register their interest to be a part of a documentary photography project.

Every family is different and unique

But whether it was intentional or not, your family situation may be different from what is usual or from what is usually portrayed in the media in 2021.

Your family situation might be underrepresented or raise questions/comments in other people.

I invite you to register your own family (or invite a friend to do it) if you identify yourself in any of the above.

I don’t have any particular criteria. Don’t overthink it.

I want to celebrate & document unconventionality (is that even a word?)

By photographing unconventional families in Ireland, for 2-5h, in their own homes.

To be a subject of this project, all you need is:

  • To be resident in Ireland (preferably in Dublin or surrounding counties, but I might travel nationwide!)
  • To sign a Model Release that will allow me to use and publish the photographs created.
  • To be patient, as I will only be able to schedule a very limited amount of these sessions per month (clients take priority).

In exchange for your time, you would get:

  • A collection of edited digital photographs (as a download) from our time spent together.

There will be no charge for these photoshoots. I will follow current Covid guidelines at all times and ask that families do the same (even if that means rescheduling last minute).

Register Your Interest

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