Mums, 8 Reasons Why You Should Exist In Photographs

Family baking cupcakes in home kitchen.

In today’s digital age, mums often find themselves taking pictures instead of being in them. So today, I wanted to explore eight reasons why it’s important for mums to be in front of the camera, celebrating their role in family memories.

1. If you don’t do it for you, do it for them

Imagine your child looking through a family album ten years from now, only to find no trace of you in the photos. Now, picture your child looking at a photo of you looking at them with a smile on your face and love in your eyes. Which situation do you think will make them feel loved and as part of a family?

Mother holding toddler on couch at home.

2. You don’t have anything to lose

Think of it like trying on a dress in a store. Just because you take a picture with yourself in it doesn’t mean you have to print it on a big canvas, hang it in your living room, and see it every day. You might cherish a photo of you holding your tiny baby or playing with your child, but if not, it’s okay not to print or buy it.

Mother and daughter bonding in flower-filled garden.

3. Angles are a powerful way to shift the focus

My job as a professional photographer is to use different angles and crops so that you end up loving a photo with you in it. I want you to fall in love with a portrait capturing your relationship with your baby or child, even if we can’t see your whole body in it.

Mother nursing baby outdoors on sunny day.

4. You don’t need to pose and smile, just be yourself!

I am a documentary photographer which means that I capture genuine moments as they unfold, with a little bit of direction. My approach and personality put my clients at ease and they end up enjoying the session more than they anticipated. Being photographed doesn’t have to be a chore: you can play, giggle, take a walk, bake a cake… Think of it as quality time with your family, enjoy the moment, and let me do the work.

Whether it is a professional photographer or your husband taking the photos you can be photographed doing daily activities with your children: feeding, playing, reading a book, etc.

Mother and toddler enjoying outdoors.

5. Children love to see pictures of their parents

Reason #1 said that if you didn’t do it for you, you could do it for your children and show them how loved they were. But this is different: our children will love to look at those photos in years to come and will be amazed at how young we looked, what clothes we wore, and what activities we used to do with them.

Mother kissing baby on forehead at home

6. It will send you back in time

Looking at pictures of your children on their own will bring your joy and make you proud. Looking at photos of you with your children will bring back the emotions you felt at that particular time of their life and who would not want a time machine?

Mother and child baking together in kitchen.

7. Capture the family unit

That’s why I regret not hiring a photographer when my daughter was born. I wanted to capture our new family of three. I have a photo taken by my mom with her phone, and it’s nice… but not good enough to print big. I have nice photos of my husband and daughter, and some of me and my daughter, but none of all three of us together. It doesn’t have to be a posed picture of us all smiling at the camera (although it could be!), but it’s an important photo to have, printed and framed, on the mantlepiece.

Family enjoying time together on a park bench.

8. You probably look better now than you will in the next 20 years

Let’s get real here. Waiting for the stars to align before getting in front of the camera is like waiting for unicorns to trot down the street—it’s just not happening! So why not get in front of the camera today and capture those memories? Trust me, in 20 years, you’ll look back at those photos and wonder: “What on earth was I worrying about?”

Family with newborn baby cuddling together.

Let’s make a promise, shall we? Whether it’s with me, another photographer, or simply your mom behind the lens, just take that step and get in front of the camera. Your children won’t be judging appearances or waiting for perfection—they’ll treasure the memories, imperfections and all, for years to come.

Read my blog post Mums, 8 Ways to Get in the Picture with and for Your Children to get more ideas.

And remember this: Don’t forget to print those precious photos! Technology may fail us, but those memories are priceless. So, make sure to back up your digital copies and print out your favorites. Because what good are memories if we can’t hold them close?

If this blog resonated with you, share your thoughts below or pass it along to fellow mums who may need a gentle nudge to capture those special moments.

And if you’re ready to create your own family story, reach out to me. Let’s capture memories that will last a lifetime.


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