Hiring A Family Photographer Before Moving House: Check

Family outside their red-brick detached house.

Embarking on a new chapter in life often means leaving behind cherished memories and moments, but with a documentary family photoshoot, those memories can be preserved forever. As this family prepares to move out of their beloved home in Ireland and begin a new adventure in Germany, capturing the essence of their everyday life has never been more meaningful.

Hiring a photographer before a move or major renovations isn’t just about documenting the physical space; it’s about capturing the laughter, love, and unique moments that make a house a home. And remember, you don’t need to live in your forever home to hire a photographer – every chapter of life is worth celebrating and preserving.

They opted to do the first part of the session at home, surrounded by packing boxes, and then head over to their favourite spot at the Curragh.

While the photoshoot in itself wasn’t any different from a family session where the family isn’t moving, the photographs will have a very different meaning to the family.

I personally don’t remember anything from the first two apartments my parents lived in, and they didn’t take many photos because these were short stays. I have a curious nature and I would LOVE to see what my first homes looked like.

So, don’t wait for your “forever” home to hire a photographer, and take plenty of photographs of family life within the different rooms, especially if you’re going to leave (or renovate) soon.

Moving Boxes during a family photoshoot in Athy Co.Kildare

We were moving house & country, the place our son was born. As a photographer myself, I knew that having professional photos done was very important.

I don’t like posed photos and prefer to be captured in my daily life, silly faces and everything, so hiring a documentary photographer made total sense. I knew Johanna was awesome at her job, and I trusted her 100%.

I really don’t know how to describe it, but when I first saw the images, I felt a warmth inside.

And now I get to feel it all over again every time I flick through our printed albums.

She is THE one! Go ahead and hire her.

Father hugging young son in home interior.
Indoor playful moment with child and adult.
Dog watching treat thrown by person indoors.
Mother breastfeeding young child, tender moment, black and white photo.
Child baking with adult, dough on hands.
Man and child washing hands together at kitchen sink.
Toddler playing with bearded man indoors.
Toddler with curious eyes, indoor setting.
Toddler running joyfully in a home interior.
Child at window, cozy living room, countryside view.
Family enjoying time together with on the couch with toddler.
Child crying while mother tie hair, black and white photo.
Woman smiling at child playing with toy
Parent and child walking upstairs together.
Family photography session indoors
Family outside their red-brick detached house.
Child getting buckled into car seat.
Sheep grazing near a country road in a wooded area.
Child holding hands with adult outdoors, black and white photo.
Mother and toddler playing in grass.
Family walking hand in hand in field, black and white.
Mother kissing crying child outdoors
Family enjoying a playful moment outdoors waving goodbye.

Are you moving house soon? Or renovating?

Get some “before” photos of your family and your home that are natural and honest.


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