That's me and my babies!

And here is why I do what I do.

Hi, I’m Johanna!

When I was around ten years old, I used to ask myself what I would do if the house suddenly went on fire.

I had it all figured out: I would get up from my bed (for some reason, I was always in my bedroom in this scenario), take all the photo albums on my shelf, open the window, throw them as far as possible and climb down after them (I was on the first floor but could easily drop down without breaking a leg). If I had time I would also save all my journals and letters, but they would always come second.

Back then, I had already understood what was replaceable and what wasn’t.

Money could be earned again. Books and toys could be purchased again. However, the photographs of my childhood would be lost for good. They were my most valuable belonging, and a fire was my most feared nightmare.

Thankfully, I never had to put my master plan into action.

My goal today is to document our life for our children to have very precious photo albums they’ll imagine saving from a fire.

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Let’s gift your children photographs worth saving from a fire

Johanna is talented, non-invasive and very good with kids as well as adults.


We felt super at ease with Johanna and she was part of the family on the day.


Johanna is very warm and relaxing to have in your home.


Johanna’s calm and gentle manner put us all at ease and she was particularly good with our boisterous two year old too.


What I loved most about our photo session, was that it wasn’t staged or forced. Johanna captured everyday life with me and my little baby. My daughter was so relaxed with her and she made me feel relaxed too. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m already looking forward to our next session.


I usually hate having photos taken but I felt entirely at ease with Johanna. She was brilliant with my son, & has managed to capture a really precious time in our lives.


Johanna photographed our wedding and we couldn’t recommend her more highly. She was friendly, discrete and put everybody at ease throughout the day.

Barry & Niamh

A wonderfully friendly and talented photographer who did a delightful engagement shoot for myself and Philip.

Emma & Philip

Johanna was wonderful from start to finish and made the day very relaxed and easy, it was like having a good friend beside you on your wedding day.

Antony & Lorraine

Johanna is a very gentle and easy photographer to work with, puts you at ease, and is wonderful with children.


I found Johanna to be excellent with the children. We have a very active 3 year old and she was extremely patient in trying to get good shots of him. He can be slow to warm up to new people but she managed to engage him and gain his trust. I found her very easy to relax around.


She was incredibly friendly and professional. Was happy to take our lead with suggestions of locations for the pictures, but also gave some directions & suggestions.


We only really posed for a group photo, most of the time Johanna worked around us just being us in our home and the result is that we have plenty of natural looking photos that have captured this precious time when Dylan was so young perfectly.


Johanna made us all feel relaxed the second she came in the door. She just worked around us which was great with an excited toddler wanting in on the action.


Johanna has a great way with the children and we’ve always been delighted with her photos!


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