Summer Family Photos In The Rain | Donabate

Child playing on indoor rope swing.

This half-day-in-the-life family photo session took place during summer 2020, in Donabate. This family wanted part of their weekend morning routine captured with their three children. Their weekend mornings usually included making pancakes together, some fun play, and a family walk in their local park when the kids got bored…

We did just that. And here is one of my favourite photos from this session.

Two children wearing raincoats in a field.

It just happened to start raining just as we got to the park. And thankfully, unless rain is absolutely torrential, it doesn’t stop families from going out or a photographer taking photos.

It can even be fun!

What if rain is forecasted on the day of your photo session?

This is something I will discuss with you on the phone ahead of time.

  1. Some families want to capture everyday memories and will adjust their activities to the weather in the way they would on a “normal” day. If it’s torrential or very stormy, they will probably stay indoors. If it’s drizzly and the kids are bored, they’ll get ready for their usual walk and embrace the puddle jumping. If it’s a showery day, they might wait for the break and I’ll follow.
  2. Some families have their heart set on an outdoor location that mean something to them. It’s not just about the location but about the memories attached to it and these memories aren’t compatible with rain. In this case, we try to have an alternative date in mind.

Want to see more photos of this summer morning family session?

Let’s have a chat about your family session.

Whether bad weather worries you or not, we’ll chat about the location you have in mind and the alternatives.


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