Printable Child Memory Book [Free Download]

Record your family’s most precious everyday moments

Have thousands of images lost in the cyberspace?

You love your family and your children are cute and do funny things. It’s so easy to take the phone out and snap a photo.

How many of those photographs are you printing?

For your children to flick through all those memories over and over again.
For you to smile every time you come down the stairs.

You feel overwhelmed by the task.
Years of photographs to go through. Which images to pick? When?

I don’t have all the answers, but this printable child memory book (and my emails) will get you started in the right direction. The key?

Slow down, start noticing, and let go of the guilt!

memory book
Photobook of printed documentary family photographs taken by Johanna King Photography in Cork showing a baby and a toddler

What is it?

  • A printable ‘guilt-free’ memory book (start anytime, fill what you like, no empty pages).
  • 10 pages for you to record moments/memories of your child’s life.
  • Each page has a specific prompt such as “You make me laugh when” / “Things you love doing”.
  • A collaborative tool for the whole family.

What is it for?

  • Help you notice what’s important to you, your child and your family in general.
  • Create a journal for your child to keep (make a copy for yourself).
  • Take away some of the guilt of not capturing / remembering everything of your children’s lives.
  • Make some of the transitions that little bit easier, knowing they’ve been preserved.

Take fewer but more meaningful photos

Once you’re more aware of those things that make you laugh/proud/warm inside, you can wait for the next occurrence and try to capture it. You will start taking fewer photographs, with more intent.

Imagine printing and framing a photograph that will make you smile every time you look at it. This is what I want for you.

Once you’ve downloaded the printable, you will receive a series of 6 emails that will tell you what it changed for me and make you think a little deeper about what kind of photographs will really work for you.

You put your little chubby arms around my neck.

Written in the “You are melting my heart when…”

Maman? When I’m bigger, will you give me some of your money to buy a big unicorn?

Written in the “You are making me laugh when…”

You notice the beauty of simple things around you when we are walking around.

Written in the “I am proud of you when…”

You like pretending to write words in your “journal”.

Written in the “Things you like to do right now…”