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5-Day Photo Challenge for Parents

Starting April 6th

Join my free 5-Day Photo Challenge for Parents which will show you how to create a series of day-in-the-life photos for your family, and turn them into a framed photo collage.

No photography knowledge required.
As long as you have a camera (phone or otherwise), join in!

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What you’ll learn

The ingredients to creating meaningful family photos.

I’ll be giving you a couple of my “go-to” ingredients to meaningful family photos.

The steps to putting together your own ‘day-in-the-life’ series

At the end of the challenge, you will have created a fun & meaningful photo series.
It’ll be UNIQUE to your family!

My secret to adding emotion to a series of family photos.

What if there was an easy way for you to capture the feeling of a simple day with your family?

What to expect?

Sign-up below and look for the confirmation email with info on “What’s going to happen” and “What should I do ahead of the challenge”.

  • Each email will link to a super short video (I know your time is precious) and the transcript (if you’re a reader)
  • I’ll invite you to join my Facebook group and share your results (totally optional)
  • You will get 1 email per day for 5 days in total for the challenge
  • You will also be the first to know when enrollment opens for my online course Make Time Stand Still, Not Your Kid (limited to 20 seats).

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I’m looking forward to seeing what you create!

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