Brothers | Outdoor Family Photoshoot Killiney Hill

Child eating ice lolly in the park.

L and J are brothers. L is 5 and J is 2. Ciara and Dan love spending time with their two boys as they’re starting to interact and play more with each other. They also love being outside in nature and Killiney Hill is one of their favourite places to go as a family. It meant a lot to them to have an outdoor family photoshoot to capture the feeling of this season in their lives before the boys grew out of this particular phase.

Killiney Hill is a beautiful location for family photography in South Dublin

If Killiney hill is local to you and somewhere you like to spend time as a family, then it may be perfect for your family photoshoot.

View of the sea and Dublin City from Killiney Hill Park

Killiney Hill Playground

After playing on swings and slides in the playground, the family went for a walk through the forest. The boys know very well that at the end of the path, there is a very good chance they will get an ice cream… On the way, they pick up sticks and hit the nettles with them. L climbs trees and J just keeps on running.

Family of four at the swings at the playground of Killiney Hill Park
Toddler on a swing at the playground of Killiney Hill Park
Boy on a swing at the playground of Killiney Hill Park
Father and son playing at the playground of Killiney Hill Park

Killiney Hill Park

Boy climbing a tree at Killiney Hill Park
Portrait of a toddler boy in Killiney Hill Park
Parents and son playing on a tree at Killiney Hill Park
Father and son playing and exploring in Killiney Hill Park

I just love how they started relaxing after 45 minutes – 1 hour. Their personalities started to show when it was time to share their ice cream with Daddy or ask Mammy to buy cakes in the shop.

Killiney Hill Tearooms

Mother and son looking at cakes at the Killiney Hill Tearooms

Here are more of my favourites of the day. Yes, I know, most of them include ice cream – there is a special alchemy happening between children and ice cream which makes it fun to photograph.

Would you like to go for a walk to your favourite park (if not Killiney Hill) and have me capture some candid portraits of your family? If so, check my info + pricing page & get in touch today so we can get you scheduled.


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