Want to get better at taking candid photos of your children and family?

Make Time Stand Still, Not Your Kids is perfect for parents wanting to get better at taking candid photographs of their children and family life, with their phone or camera.

Next class: April 2021

Natural Family Photos Made Easy | New Online Course for Parents

Hi, I’m Johanna, and I built Make Time Stand Still, Not Your Kids to help parents like you become more confident taking candid photos of their family with a phone or camera.

You want to capture your kids’ individuality and those meaningful moments that make your family ‘your family‘.


You’re often disappointed with the photographs you take.

They are either blurry or just don’t capture what it felt like in that moment.

PS: Click on [CC] on the Youtube player above to switch the captions on.

Next Class: April 2021

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I’m guessing your children are constantly on the move, making it difficult to capture spontaneous moments?

I get it!

Children are difficult to photograph because they move. All. The Time.

You either get a blurry shot or, by the time you press the button, the moment has passed.

Everyday life is often fast-paced and hectic. As a parent, it’s hard to enjoy the moment, keep them safe AND think about photos.

And when you have more than one child, well, let’s say that they usually end up running in opposite directions.

Learn how to confidently capture authentic real-life family moments with a phone or camera.

I’ve put together a 5-week course, for you to do just that.

A photography course aimed at beginners and busy parents without the pressure of perfection.

This course will be something just for YOU. Something FUN, RELAXED AND MEANINGFUL. I will help you feel more confident documenting what matters.

And what matters?

Real moments. Joy. Your kids’ personalities, quirks and singularities. Fun days out and quiet days in. Milestones. Important people.

In my 6 years as a professional photographer, I’ve been able to capture such memories for many families including my own.

I’m so excited to share this precious knowledge with you, to build your confidence, and to enable YOU to gift these beautiful memories to your own children.

Next class date: TBC

Johanna is not only a great photographer and the kindest human being – she is a very knowledgeable and generous teacher. She will share and help you see things clearly while being empathetic. Her greatest gift is being very honest and to the point while making you feel just as competent. Her advice is always inspiring and motivating. I loved working with her and I am sure we will again!

This course is for you if:

  • You’re a parent or guardian who’d love to improve the quality of your family photos using your phone or camera
  • You get a lot of blurry photos of your kids because they keep moving!
  • You’d love to take more natural photos of your family, but not sure where to start.
  • You’re struggling with being a parent and photographer at the same time
  • You’re rarely in the photos
  • You’re interested in learning the basics of photography in a fun & accessible way (no jargon!)
  • You’d love to learn how to work with (not against!) available light.
  • You’re looking for a low-pressure environment to learn at your own pace

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You want to learn how to pose your children (and keep them still).
  • You’re looking to create picture-perfect photos.
  • You want to know how to use your DSLR (this will be a follow-up course).
  • You already have a solid understanding of photography: light, composition and moment.
  • You are looking for an intense learning environment with assignments & critiques.

In this 5-week course, I’ve included everything you need to know, in bite-size sub-sections for easier learning.

Chapter 1:
Basic principles of photography – Let’s explore the very basic skills you need to master on your phone or camera, the biggest differences between a phone and a DSLR, which camera settings you need to know and those you can ignore.

Chapter 2:
Light – Understand how it affects your photos, learn how to best use the available light outdoor and in your home and when to opt for flash.

Chapter 3:
Composition – Learn those basic composition rules that will radically improve your photos and simple tricks to make your subjects stand out without placing them in front of a white wall.

Chapter 4:
Catching the moment – As a parent, it can be difficult to be ready when that special moment occurs. Let’s talk about different ways to be ‘ready’, and how I catch those funny moments for my clients.

Chapter 5:
Building a legacy for your family – In this chapter, we will talk about knowing which photos to keep, what to do with the photo afterwards and lots and lots more.

(I will actually use some of your feedback/questions to add to Chapter 5 and bonuses!)


For this first run of the course, I’m going to include some bonuses.

  • I will share my current workflow/system to organise & print my personal photos
  • I will share a video of me doing some basic post-treatment in Lightroom
  • And more if I have time :)


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Course Structure

  • This online course is divided into 5 modules, spread over 5 weeks.
  • The start date is Thursday, the 5th of November 2020.
  • The course is hosted on Podia, a mobile-friendly platform (yeah!)
  • Each week’s content will become available every Thursday. (I’ll send an email to remind you.)
  • If you are not able to view the content as it comes (life happens!), it’s ok – you will get access to the course for an entire year.
  • Each week’s content will vary and include bite-size sub-sections.
  • Expect to see videos, text, voice recordings and printable worksheets.
  • I will end each week with a simple exercise.
  • The exercises are optional. They will help your brain process the information. I always learn better by doing, don’t you?
  • For you this course’s first release, I will also include a live Q&A where you will have the opportunity to chat, interact, and ask questions live.
  • A recording of the live Q&A will be presented for those who could not attend live.
  • All class members will be invited to join a private Facebook group to share their struggles, chat with other parents and show their progress.
  • While this group will be mostly for students to chat, I will do my best to pop in the group regularly with some encouragements.


Here are some nice things clients, workshop students and one-to-one students have said about me:

Johanna, following your work and attending your workshop has totally changed how I look at pictures. This image of us as a family with our newborn is totally unposed and none of us are looking at the camera, and this is my absolute favourite! Thank you for sharing your talents.

Johanna, you captured us and made us look more beautiful than I could have imagined. You also have a knack of blurring the background so the mess seems charming. The photos are wonderful. They are totally worth it and so much better than staged pictures.

Her calm and gentle manner put us all at ease and she was particularly good with our boisterous two year old too. The pictures were wonderful and really captured a special moment in time so soon after the new arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time per week do I need for the course?
One-hour a week to watch the materials and do some practice would be ideal. You can do this by spending 15 minutes a day or do it all at once. We’re all different.
Will the content still be available to me at the end of the 5 weeks?
Yes. The content will be available to all students for one year.
Do I need to submit any assignments?
You don’t. I will be giving optional exercises every week, because this is the best way for the information to “make sense”. You are welcome to share your results in the Private Facebook Group and I will do my best to engage as often as possible.
Can I get a refund if I realise the course isn't for me?
Yes. See information above about my 30-day money-back guarantee.
Will the online course be accessible on my phone?
It will. However, for an improved experience, I would encourage you to watch the videos / visual content on a bigger screen.

Next Class: April 2021

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