Want to get better at taking candid photos of your children and family AND getting them organised and printed?

Make Time Stand Still, Not Your Kids is perfect for parents wanting to get better at taking candid photographs of their children and family life, with their phone or camera.

Next class: April 2021

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Hi, I’m Johanna, and I built Make Time Stand Still, Not Your Kids to help parents like you become more confident taking candid photos of their family with a phone or camera.

You want to capture your kids’ individuality and those meaningful moments that make your family ‘your family‘.

But, let me guess…

You’re often disappointed with the photographs you take.

They are either blurry or just don’t capture what it felt like in that moment.

And you’re left with thousands of digital images, not sure what to do with them, and no time to tackle the issue.

One word: overwhelming.

Let me help…

1. We’ll explore the idea of “good photos” VS “meaningful photos“.

2. I’ll give you the tools to catch the momentscreate those meaningful photos

3. And only then can we talk about improving the technical quality of your photos.

4. So that they look good once printed on your walls.

5. And finally, I’ll help you make those photos live outside of your phones & hard drive.

The next class starts on April 16th, 2021.
Limited to 20 students.
4 Weeks of Recorded Content + 4 Live Discussions.

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Next Class: April 2021

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Here are some nice things clients, workshop students and one-to-one students have said about me:

Johanna, following your work and attending your workshop has totally changed how I look at pictures. This image of us as a family with our newborn is totally unposed and none of us are looking at the camera, and this is my absolute favourite! Thank you for sharing your talents.

Johanna, you captured us and made us look more beautiful than I could have imagined. You also have a knack of blurring the background so the mess seems charming. The photos are wonderful. They are totally worth it and so much better than staged pictures.

Her calm and gentle manner put us all at ease and she was particularly good with our boisterous two year old too. The pictures were wonderful and really captured a special moment in time so soon after the new arrival.