Capturing. Selecting. Printing. Preserving.

From start to finish, I want this experience to be EASY for you.

What to expect if you hire me

The most stress-free photography session
for parents and children

#1 – Before the session

A chat on the phone is the perfect way to check if I’m the right match for you.
I can also advise on the best package for your family, your vision, and your budget.

#2 – During the session

My laid-back personality means you will quickly feel comfortable and be able to enjoy quality time with your family. The pressure to capture the special moments is off your shoulders.

#3 – After the session

I’ll be the one sorting through thousands of photographs to select the shots that best tell YOUR story. I’ll also edit every single one to them, pre-design your album and create a slideshow.

This usually takes around 6 weeks.

#4 – The final products

You’ll get to pick your favourite images to go into your albums. One main album for you and two mini duplicates for your children to travel back in time.

Optional: add some wall prints to bring a smile on your face every day!

Behind-the-scenes – Maternity & Family Photoshoot

Watch this short video and see for yourself!

vimeo video

Before the session, I was worried about the camera intruding on moments or us feeling pressure to perform for the camera. Instead we forgot you were there as a photographer and we had a lovely family afternoon and you slotted in so well it was as if you had always been part of the family. There was no pressure to perform, behave or pose.


We loved the idea of a photographer coming to our home and capturing the experience of life with a newborn. I was worried that it would be stressful to have a photographer in the house with such a new baby but Johanna was totally unobtrusive, and so good at developing a rapport with us and with the children, that it wasn’t stressful at all.


The photographs you created are beyond what I could have hoped for. You have managed to capture those small looks and glances of love between my children and their grandparents. I’m sure that these images will only increase in meaning for us as the years pass.


What I loved most about our photo session, was that it wasn’t staged or forced. Johanna captured everyday life with me and my little baby. My daughter was so relaxed with her and she made me feel relaxed too. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m already looking forward to our next session.


I usually hate having photos taken but I felt entirely at ease with Johanna. She was brilliant with my son, & has managed to capture a really precious time in our lives.


A photography session for every family

Short Session 2h // Half Day-in-the-life 5 hours // Full Day-In-The-Life 10 hours

A La Carte Pricing

With my ‘A La Carte’ pricing, you can book my time on the day and then, decide which images you would like to purchase and on which medium (photobook, prints, framed prints, digital files).

No minimum purchase is required.

All-inclusive Photography Packages

My photography packages include coverage, a stunning photo book, two mini-duplicates, and some (or all) digital files for backup.

Please get in touch to receive my full pricing guide.

Get in touch

It surprised me how quickly I have become converted to the idea of having our lives periodically documented as an important expenditure. I also think, where initially I had no idea of the cost of the product, that it is excellent value for money.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child doesn't behave?
I do not expect your children to “behave” or be happy & smiling during your session. I don’t expect anything but real life, and in my world, children have tantrums, tears, they test your limits and get into all kind of mischiefs. They’re often my favourite kind of moments to photograph :D If you’re worried of your reaction being photographed, don’t be. I’m a mother too. I know you will have to parent your children during our session. Some of my favourite photos of our family were taken during those “parenting” moments. They are usually the times when a parent cannot pick up the camera, so they’re even more specials to look back on. And if you don’t like them, you don’t have to get them printed.
Are you taking photographs ALL THE TIME?
No. I’m not. I’m with your family to tell a story of your day, or your life, not to record every moment. During shorter sessions, I do tend to take photos most of the time. During longer sessions, there will be more time when you won’t hear the sound of my camera shutter. Don’t try to read into it. Just trust me :)
What if I don't want my images to be published online?
This is absolutely fine. While I appreciate being able to market my business using some of the work I create, I have many clients who do not want their images published online and I respect their want for privacy.