Here’s Why You’ll Love a Documentary-Style Newborn Photography Session at Home

Newborn baby with sibling and adult's hand.

As a documentary-style newborn photographer in Dublin, Ireland, I recommend that my clients consider doing a newborn session at home within the first few days after childbirth. These sessions (sometimes called ‘Fresh 48’) are a type of documentary-style newborn photography that takes place during those first days when you are getting to know each other and settling in at home. The photos capture the raw emotions and intimacy of those first experiences with your newborn, and they are a wonderful way to remember, as time is so fleeting with a new baby.

Here are some reasons why I believe my clients should do a documentary-style newborn session:

The First Few Days are Magical

Father's hands holding baby's tiny feet with sibling's nose.

There is something truly magical about those first few days with a newborn. Everything is new and exciting, and there is an overwhelming sense of joy and awe that you have created this little one. This type of session allows me to capture these special moments like no other type of photography. The emotions that are captured during this time are authentic and raw, and they are really unique to those first days with your newborn.

Preserve the Memories

The early days of a newborn’s life go by in a blur. Between feedings, diaper changes, and trying to catch some sleep, it can be difficult to fully appreciate and remember everything that is happening. Taking photos during this time allows my clients to capture those moments forever, so they can look back on them and remember exactly what it felt like to hold their newborn in their arms in those early days. These photos will not make you remember a photo session; they will make you remember how you felt at that time.

Newborn baby portrait in moses basket

Minimal Preparation Required

Home documentary-style newborn sessions are designed to be simple and stress-free. Unlike some other types of newborn sessions, there is no need to prepare elaborate props or outfits. Instead, the focus is on capturing natural, unposed moments between the baby and their family. This means that my clients can simply relax and enjoy those first few days with their newborn without worrying about having to prepare for a photography session.

Mother breastfeeding newborn baby with toddler looking in black and white photo.

Relaxed Vibe

Many of my clients have described my photo sessions as a laid-back experience where I am more like a family friend than a photographer. I strive to create an atmosphere where there is no pressure for you or your kids to conform or behave in a certain way. Instead, you all can express your unique personalities, dress comfortably, and enjoy precious moments with each other, which can be hard to come by in our busy lives.

Father holding his newborn son at home

Comforts of Home

There’s nothing better than having a newborn session in your own home. You have everything you need right there, no need to pack a nappy bag! Families are much more comfortable in their own space, with their own bathroom, snacks, baby supplies, and all of the comforts of home at hand.

Mother kissing sleeping newborn's forehead in black and white.


These newborn sessions are incredibly flexible. They can be done at home after families get back from the hospital, or right after a home birth. This means that my clients can choose the day and time that are most comfortable and convenient for them. Additionally, because these sessions are documentary-style, there is no need to worry about scheduling around nap times or feedings. I will work around your schedule and capture the moments as they happen.

Note: make sure to book early so I can block off time in the weeks surrounding your due date, and we can then confirm the date once the baby is born.

Mother holding a sleeping baby with dog watching.

A Unique Perspective

Newborn sessions at home during the early days offer a unique perspective on newborn photography. Rather than focusing solely on the baby, the session captures the emotions and interactions between the baby and their family members in their own home. This means that my clients will have a complete record of those early moments, including the reactions of siblings, grandparents, or whoever else they’d like to include. 

Child tenderly touching sleeping newborn's face.

In conclusion, I believe that an at-home documentary-style newborn photography session is an incredible way to capture some of the first days of a newborn’s life. These sessions are stress-free, relaxed, and flexible, and they offer a unique perspective on newborn photography. Most importantly, they preserve those precious first moments forever, allowing my clients to look back on them and remember exactly what they were feeling.

If you are considering a documentary newborn session, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be honored to capture these special moments for you and your family! I’d love to chat about it with you!


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