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What my clients say about their photos

Note: some of my clients are not comfortable with their photographs being published online and I totally respect that. This is why some of the testimonials have no photos or anonymous photos.

Full Day-In-The-Life Family Photography Session, Co Meath, Ireland

“Shortly after having my daughter, I hired Johanna to do a day-in-the-life session for our family. I knew those early days of being home with both of my children would pass quickly and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to document them.

As a fellow documentary photographer, I have to say that it was such a relief to know that the pressure was off of me to try to capture those special moments of us together. Johanna did a phenomenal job and her laid-back personality fit right in with our family’s own calm and laid-back energy.

I knew our memories were in good hands and trusted both her and her expertise as an artist throughout the whole process.

When the day finally came for us to see what she had captured, I couldn’t help but cry (in the best way). She and her camera captured the most precious and meaningful moments.

I couldn’t think of a better gift to myself or our family than the beautiful albums of photographs that she made for us. They will be treasured always!

Thank you, Johanna. We have so much love and appreciation for you and your amazing work.”


Family Vacation Photography, Bellinter House & Hill of Tara

“We never had proper engagement photos taken! And we were returning to the spot where we got engaged, so I wanted someone, the right someone, to capture that moment for us.

As a journalist, I treasure photos that show people living everyday life, and I wanted that part of us captured. When I found Johanna’s website, I loved her shots. Her ability to tell a story with an artistic eye. I wanted to touch her photos. They’re visceral experiences.

The day was everything I hoped it would be. I felt so seen. So special. Jack took to Johanna right away, and she captured little moments of him and us with him, just as I’d hoped she would. She put me and Sean at ease right away. After a few great shots, I’d asked her to take, we all got into our rental and Sean drove us through narrow hedge-lined roads to the Hill of Tara. Being back for the first time since we got engaged there in 2014 but now with the addition of little Jack was special enough, but having Johanna with us to take photos as we lived the experience meant so much.

And the results — such perfect images to remind us of that day together and Jack as an 18-month-old — were exactly what I wanted. They mean the world to me. As a mom, I feel how quick time passes in my bones, and how fleeting every moment is. She froze that experience for us. She stopped time!

I marvel at our photos around our house daily and feel the power of that day.

My wedding photos were not exactly what I wanted, and in many ways, this photoshoot with Johanna made up for that.”


Family & Newborn Photography in Dublin

“I wanted to get photos of all the family that were good quality, but I feel trying to get kids to sit in a studio, behave and look like themselves never really works.

My sister has photos of yours in her house which I love. Still, as a pretty private person, I worried that we would feel awkward with you being in our house. It didn’t come true! You’re very easy to have around and very patient with slightly bold children…

Not only did I enjoy the photoshoot itself, but I loved the finished pieces (albums and prints). I love the quality and I love how the kids personalities were captured so well.”


Family Home Photoshoot in Glasnevin, Dublin

“As a photographer, while I do take a lot of pictures of my girls, I very rarely get my big camera out. The last thing I want after a day working on my clients’ photographs is sitting at the computer to go through personal photos. Which means I have quasi none printed.

The biggest thing, though, was being absent from my photographs, apart from a few selfies.

Hiring a photographer seemed a little strange, when I could do it all myself and when you suggested to come into our home and photograph us on a normal day, I was a little scared. Was our daily life interesting enough for the camera? Was our house tidy enough? I was also 4-months postpartum and didn’t feel at my best.

What I loved most about the session was how relaxed it was. After a little while, you just forget about the camera. Discovering the images for the first time was also a big surprise. I didn’t think I would feel this way about the images. Seeing myself in the photos wasn’t as hard as I thought, and I loved seeing our family unit from your perspective.

Two years later, we often flick through our album together with the girls. They particularly love the photographs where the 4 of us are together.

It’s time we do it again, and this time, I won’t be worried about picking a time of the day when they go mental 

It’s not about capturing a polished version of ourselves, or only the happy times… I want to capture the feeling of what our life feels like at that moment in time.”


In-Home Maternity & Baby Photoshoots in Portmarnock

“I wanted to capture some of the last days as a family of 3 and the start of our life as a family of 4.

I had seen your work online and knew we “needed” your photographs in our life!

My favourite part of the experience was how relaxed we all felt. Nothing was staged or awkward and I was surprised at how quick the time passed.

Before the session, I was worried about my appearance. I was also concerned about the house being perfect. But in the end, what I loved most about the photographs was that they were “us”. You captured us and made us look more beautiful than I could have imagined. You also have a knack of blurring the background so the mess seems charming 😂

We’re so glad we went ahead and did it. The photos are wonderful. They are totally worth it and so much better than staged pictures.

I love having pics of us in our home getting the kids ready, feeding them etc. It makes the pictures extra special. Especially the feeding ones as it captures me feeding in my usual spot on the couch rather than posed somewhere.

We will definitely hire you again, maybe when the kids are a bit older to capture the next stage of family life.”


Wedding Anniversary Couple Photoshoot in Howth, Co. Dublin

“I have only positive feedback for Johanna!

The whole process from start to end was wonderful. You made booking, the day of the event, viewing the photos captured, and payment so easy and convenient for us, even though we’re a country away.

I truly appreciated not only your professionalism but the way you interacted with us and put us at ease for natural, candid photography. Thank you so much for so perfectly capturing our anniversary and vacation to Ireland.

We will treasure these pictures.


Home & Garden Family Photography Session in Co. Meath

Johanna, you have an innate ability to capture beautiful moments. Our new framed prints mean the world to me – and like any of my previous photos you’ve done, they make me quite emotional!!

Before the session, I was a little anxious our family dynamic might become strained or uncomfortable knowing you’re taking photos of us, but you’re so friendly and you put us at ease so it was just normal and comfortable!!

Seeing the photos for the first time was the best part of the whole experience. I never cease to be amazed by the images you capture and the beauty you see in everyday moments, and you draw my attention to them too and make me appreciate our everyday life all the more!!

Now I just wish I had more wall space for more photos 😂


Family Photoshoot Before Moving House in Athy, Kildare

We were moving house & country, the place our son was born. As a photographer myself, I knew that having professional photos done was very important. 

I don’t like posed photos and prefer to be captured in my daily life, silly faces and everything, so hiring a documentary photographer made total sense. I knew Johanna was awesome at her job, and I trusted her 100%.

I really don’t know how to describe it, but when I first saw the images, I felt a warmth inside.

And now I get to feel it all over again every time I flick through our printed albums.

She is THE one! Go ahead and hire her.”


Pregnancy & Newborn Photoshoots in Dublin

Johanna came to our home to do both a pregnancy and newborn photoshoot.

She captured some beautiful moments in such a relaxed way – with a mothers eye. She knows what moments we will treasure and freezes them in time!

We had planned to take some breastfeeding photos when our baby was born but she was born with some complications, which meant this was not possible.

I was unsure how the session would go as life felt chaotic and I was not on the journey I had imagined. Johanna showed such empathy and care and caught some lovely images in her signature relaxed way.

At the time I thought I’d hate looking at photos of me pumping etc but seeing them 3 months on I am so glad we did. I can remember the feeling from each photo but also we can see how far we have come.

Life isn’t always “picture perfect” but capturing daily life is such a wonderful gift and we will treasure our photos forever.

Jen Crawford (Doulacare)

Baby & Family Photoshoot / At home and Outdoor, Skerries

“I knew we’d be incredibly awkward sitting in a studio posing.

I really liked the natural photography on your website and the idea of capturing more than just us – our home/garden/food/toys/pets and they are what make us “us”. It was important to me to get natural shots of us all together including the dog too!

The relaxed feel of being in our comfort zones & chatting to you felt informal and getting to go to our favourite places with you was meaningful as it’s where we like to spend our free time.

You managed to capture moments we didn’t even realised happened!

Finally, it’s lovely to have tangible keepsakes of our son for years to come. We love the hard pages on the photo book.


Newborn & Maternity Photoshoot in Dublin

Before the session, we were a little worried about cost as it was a significant cost for us at that time in our lives… but I really don’t regret going for it!!!

Talking to Johanna before the shoot I knew we’d get on well. We looked through other photos capturing her style of work – I knew it was a style we love: truthful photography, showing life as it is.

The photos were taken during a time where we were absolutely elated but exhausted – afraid we’d forget what life was like… this is a beautiful “no fuss” way of capturing a moment in time.

We loved the process of selecting the final product and seeing all the fantastic photos that were taken: even though it was only two weeks later they still took me back! We will forever treasure our beautiful storyboard.”


St Anne’s Park Family Outdoor Photoshoot, Dublin

“I am totally in love with our photos and can’t stop smiling when I look at them. They make me feel so happy.

I love the documentary style of your photography and how relaxed it was. All the photographs are so genuine because we were totally relaxed and able to be ourselves.


Adult Family Vacation Photoshoot in Dublin City

“We were looking for natural photography & a relaxed experience for our family vacation photos and found Johanna.

Before the shoot, I was a little worried about the interactions with my quirky family and our family dynamics, but Johanna was so wonderful and let us banter in the fun loving ways that we do.

Johanna was very professional and salt of the earth. She made the entire family feel comfortable.

We love our images. The pictures exceeded our expectations. They really capture our family and the lovely backdrop of Dublin on our family vacation.​​”

Danielle (Family of 6 travelling from Boston, MA)

Máire + Alan’s Mullingar Wedding

“Johanna was our wedding photographer and we couldn’t have been happier. Her relaxed manner meant that our day was stress-free.

The photos that she took were perfect, captured our day as we had hoped. The complete wedding album was available to view online within a month and the album arrived a few weeks later, which was great. I would highly recommend Johanna.


Half-Day Family Session in Shankill, Dublin

The whole experience was so natural: no posing or trying hard to get the perfect picture, instead, we got to enjoy a family day.

Doing the half-day session was worth it.

Our images are a total expression of life and looking at them makes me feel those precious moments again!!


First Birthday Party in Ashbourne, Co. Meath

Hiring Johanna for my daughter’s 1st Birthday party was well worth it and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

I only have a handful of pictures myself when I was young and always felt something was missing. I want to capture photographs of my daughter’s every stage and share all those lovely moments with her over and over again when she gets older.

Her 1st Birthday was a big milestone and I wanted professional pictures where we were all included without having to pose for them somewhere in a studio. I wanted to capture pictures in her usual environment i.e. at home with family and friends. Johanna captured the moments beautifully and the smiles my daughter gave her speak volumes. We felt super at ease and she was part of the family on the day.

I will treasure our Storyboard for years to come and my breastfeeding picture is on my nightstand.

Thank you so much Johanna.”


Proposal Photoshoot in Howth

“My (then) girlfriend and I had been planning a trip to Ireland for almost a year (we are from Seattle) and from the moment we first talked about going on this trip, I knew this would present a great opportunity to propose and ask my girlfriend for her hand in marriage.

The only thing missing was a photographer to capture the special moment. I started researching photographers near Dublin and I came across Johanna’s portfolio. I was quickly impressed by her work and style. I reached out to Johanna and explained my scenario. After an introductory Skype call, we agreed to move forward and my search for a photographer was complete.

As I had never been to Ireland, I solicited Johanna for her feedback and to say that I was grateful for the help and the amount of effort she placed into helping me select and plan the perfect location would be an under-statement. Johanna truly went above and beyond the normal responsibilities of a photographer.

On the day of the shoot, as my girlfriend and I became quickly and deeply immersed in the moment, I had complete calm and satisfaction knowing that Johanna was capturing this moment for us so we could always cherish it and share it with the rest of our friends and family back home.

When we received the photos, we were blown away with the quality and the accuracy that Johanna captured in her photos. She truly brought the experience back home to our families and we could never be so thankful.

Johanna was an amazing person to work with and I am so pleased with our experience working with her. My fiancé and I only wished that we had it within our wedding budget to fly Johanna out to Seattle to capture our wedding day as well ;-)

Michael & Kensey (Seattle, USA)

Family & Grandparents Photoshoot in Dublin

“The images are fantastic and it was such a relaxed experience. Before the session, I was worried about the camera intruding on moments or us feeling pressure to perform for the camera. Instead we forgot you were there as a photographer and we had a lovely family afternoon and you slotted in so well it was as if you had always been part of the family. There was no pressure to perform, behave or pose. 

Your style captures the ordinary moments and elevates them. Children don’t pose or behave (mine don’t anyway) so having a relaxed photographer means the special moments are captured without them even knowing. I’m delighted that we have a snapshot in time of all of us together when the kids are still small.

I loved seeing the photos for the first time. Obviously we had loads of fun at the shoot but afterwards I was worried that the photos may not capture fully the essence of the afternoon. I needn’t have worried!

We love our album and prints. They really captured the end of a lovely week of family all being together and my parents-in-law’s storyboard really brought the whole experience to life and surpassed expectations. “


Family Day-in-the-Life Photoshoot in Greystones, Co. Wicklow

“So delighted we came across Johanna when looking for someone to take family photos for us in an informal style.

We got what we were hoping for and more… lots of lovely photos of our kids which will only become more valuable to us over time, as well as a fun afternoon doing the shoot, and evening a couple of weeks later trying to decide what to do with all the great shots.

I think Johanna’s personality is perhaps almost as important as her talent as a photographer – her friendly, relaxed approach made the whole experience such a positive memory for all of us. If her style is what you are looking for, look no further – book a session!


Mark + Colm Same-Sex Wedding in Athy

From the moment we met Johanna, we knew we had made the right decision to hire her as our wedding photographer. We wanted natural photos that captured the day and Johanna definitely delivered on that front!

We didn’t worry one bit about the photography side of things once we booked Johanna as she kept in touch with us the whole way and guided us through the whole process.

Johanna suggested taking photos before our wedding ceremony and it was such a great idea. She made us feel at ease the whole way through and simply suggested we go for a walk and have a chat with each other. We were able to relax after the ceremony and spend the entire time with our families and friends.

Johanna was fantastic, she just went with the flow of the day and captured some really amazing moments for us. There is something happening in every picture and each one tells us a little bit about our day.

For the pictures we were not present for, Johanna was able to tell us a little story behind them. Her work is full of emotion and energy and is something which we will treasure for a long time.

We are so glad that we booked Johanna and are already thinking up ways to work with her again in the future.

Mark + Colm

Breastfeeding Photography Session, Co. Meath

“Johanna is fantastic. She came into our home to take photos of me breastfeeding my son- something that is quite intimate and personal to us, but she put us so at ease, it was like she was a part of the family.

She was so easy going and relaxed that it made the whole experience so enjoyable. The photos she took, took my breath away and I will honestly treasure them forever. I could not recommend her enough!


Newborn Family In Home Photo Session in Dublin

“Johanna is a wonderful family photographer, with a friendly relaxed manner and an artist’s eye.

We loved the idea of a photographer coming to our home and capturing the experience of life with a newborn.

I was worried that it would be stressful to have a photographer in the house with such a new baby but she was totally unobtrusive, and so good at developing a rapport with us and with the children, that it wasn’t stressful at all. Our photo shoot was totally relaxed.

My favourite moment has to be when we saw the slideshow and the images – it was so lovely to see all the little moments that were utterly familiar but which I hadn’t realised had been caught on film.

Now, every time I walk into the sitting room, the pictures make me smile, and I love knowing that we’ll be able to look back at the album in future years and remember exactly how it was at this special (but slightly hazy) time!


Family Generations Photoshoot in Foxrock, Dublin

“The photographs you created are beyond what I could have hoped for. You have managed to capture those small looks and glances of love between my children and their grandparents. I’m sure that these images will only increase in meaning for us as the years pass. You have captured the essence of love between them and those moments of pure unbridled joy.
My favorite part of the whole process was seeing the photos for the first time. I was amazed at how much they sparked for me emotionally.”


 Family Maternity Photo Session in Dublin Mountains

“Over the moon with the photos from our family session with Johanna. She is unbelievable with kids and got great shots of our toddler. Got the most beautiful album today that we will cherish for years, as well as a gorgeous big canvas and framed print for the wall. Didn’t expect to receive the whole package so soon! We cannot recommend Johanna enough- talented, professional and obviously loves her job!”


 Surprise Proposal Photography in Howth

“My fiancé, Tanner, and I would both highly recommend Johanna as a photographer! We are so grateful for her time, efforts and amazing quality of pictures and service while working with her.

Last month, Johanna captured our proposal on Howth Cliffs while on our vacation. She spent longer than her allotted time frame with us to ensure we had all the images we wanted and the perfect location for him to propose.

Johanna also surprised us with an Irish pale ale to celebrate with after he proposed. She’s been timely in her responses as well as final product deliverance. Thank you again, Johanna!”


Lifestyle Breastfeeding / Mum & Baby Photo Session in Dublin

“Johanna is a very gentle and easy photographer to work with, puts you at ease, and is wonderful with children. Very professional service and clear communication. She captured lovely shots that felt completely candid and natural at the time, but when viewed in print also show a clear attention to colour, style and detail that are the mark of a talented photographer.”


Motherhood Breastfeeding Photo Session in Dublin

“What I loved most about our photo session, was that it wasn’t staged or forced. Johanna captured everyday life with me and my little baby. But she captured it in a way which I cherish. I can see the joy on my daughter’s face and the laughter in the atmosphere. Johanna was able to capture our special bond. My daughter was so relaxed with her and she made me feel relaxed too. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m already looking forward to our next session. And thinking up excuses to arrange one.”


Clonabreany House Wedding

“Johanna was our photographer for our wedding this summer. We have just got a look at our shots they are all amazing. Johanna was wonderful from start to finish and made the day very relaxed and easy, it was like having a good friend beside you on your wedding day. We both enjoyed getting to know Johanna and could not have had as good a day without her. We would highly recommend Johanna. Thank you Johanna for everything.”

Lorraine & Antony – 16.07.2016

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session in Dublin

Johanna came to photograph our family soon after the birth of our daughter this Summer. Her calm and gentle manner put us all at ease and she was particularly good with our boisterous two year old too. The pictures were wonderful and really captured a special moment in time so soon after the new arrival. 100% recommend! Thank you so much Johanna!” 


Family Maternity Photo Session in Dublin

“I found Johanna to be excellent with the children. We have a very active 3 year old and she was extremely patient in trying to get good shots of him. He can be slow to warm up to new people but she managed to engage him and gain his trust. I found her very easy to relax around. I’m delighted with the results of the shoot – the photographs were taken outdoors and there’s a very natural feel to them. I think she really captured the excitement of this period for us, with a new baby on the way. Thank you so much, Johanna, we will treasure the photos.”


Family Breastfeeding Photo Session in Dublin

“We had a great session with Johanna as a family, though our primary reason for the shoot was to get pictures of me feeding my 20 month old little boy. She was incredibly friendly and professional. Was happy to take our lead with suggestions of locations for the pictures, but also gave some directions & suggestions. The pictures came out even better than I could have imagined and I will treasure them forever.”


Documentary Family & Breastfeeding Session in Dublin

“Life with triplets and a toddler under the age of 3 is hectic, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. We have very little time to reflect on our very quickly created and slightly mad, but wonderful, family. Breastfeeding and carrying our children in slings can be demanding but allows us to spend lots of time with them and ensures they all get lots of cuddles. We want to be able to look back and remember how crazy it all was, but also that there were quiet moments in there too, and to capture some of the beauty in the madness.”

Cliona and Sue

A Dun Laoghaire Wedding

“Johanna photographed our wedding and we couldn’t recommend her more highly. She was friendly, discrete and put everybody at ease throughout the day. Thanks Johanna, all the best for the future.”

Barry & Niamh – 17.06.2016

Lifestyle Mum & Baby Photo Session in Dublin

“I usually hate having photos taken but I felt entirely at ease with Johanna. She was brilliant with my son, & has managed to capture a really precious time in our lives. I’m normally really critical of how I look in photos but am realising as I type that I haven’t done that at all with these photos. I am absolutely thrilled with the photos, & delighted with the professionalism and quality of the service. Will use again and recommend wholeheartedly! Thanks Johanna.”


Newborn Photo Session in Dublin

“We had decided to get baby photos taken before our son was born and when speaking to Johanna, she was very encouraging and suggested we should take photos very early to capture Dylan’s newborn stage. So she came to our house when Dylan was only 10 days old. To be honest, so quickly after the birth I didn’t really feel like having visitors in my home, the place was messy and I had looked a lot better too! But the minute Johanna came in, she put me at ease, we spoke about the kind of shots we had in mind and picked a spot in the nursery for the pictures. Beforehand I was fretting about where in the house to take the photos, which background would work etc, but Johanna didn’t need a lot of space and a rug and cushion that she had brought were all the background we needed. Johanna took plenty of time and we tried out different outfits and props. Dylan actually slept through most of the session, he was so relaxed. After a while we moved downstairs to take some family photos of Dylan, myself, my husband and the pets. We only really posed for a group photo, most of the time Johanna worked around us just being us in our home and the result is that we have plenty of natural looking photos that have captured this precious time when Dylan was so young perfectly.
We treasure the photos of that day a lot and loved working with Johanna!”


Engagement session in the Dublin Mountains

“A wonderfully friendly and talented photographer who did a delightful engagement shoot for myself and Philip and who we hope to use for future occasions.”

Emma & Philip

Family Breastfeeding Photo Session in Dublin

“Johanna made us all feel relaxed the second she came in the door. She just worked around us which was great with an excited toddler wanting in on the action. The kids really warmed to her straight away. Would highly recommend Johanna for breastfeeding / family photos. Delighted with our pics. Thanks Johanna.”


Family and Breastfeeding Photo Session in Dublin

“Absolutely wonderful photographer and would recommend her 100%”


Engagement Session in County Kilkenny

“Having an engagement session was so important to us. It was exciting to have a practice run before our wedding day. Especially for my fiancé who didn’t know what to expect! Johanna made it so easy. We spent a lovely time with her strolling through one of our favourite spots. Johanna made us feel nice and relaxed and it shows in the photographs. They were exactly what we wanted and we even used one of the photographs from the session for a signing frame on our wedding day.”


Children & Family Photography Dublin

“Johanna has done a number family occasions for us, and we’d highly recommend her! She has a great way with the children and we’ve always been delighted with her photos!”


Maternity Photo Session in Dublin

“The photography session with Johanna was great. All very simple and natural. We went to a place I like and went for a walk. Except that at the end I had those beautiful pictures!


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