Do you feel like you have enough photos of you as a child with your parents?

How about we make some for your children?

4 dates available for December 2019!

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    I’m a big Christmas lover and get excited as much as the kids. I’ve been known to make my mum’s Christmas pudding as early as October. I love the excitement and joy it brings to the kids and the constant chatter of what Santa is going to bring.


    I love the cosiness and the magic of Christmas lights and candles. I can’t wait to share the excitement with my daughter this year.


    I love everything about Christmas. Christmas music and dancing around the kitchen to it with the girls, baking with the girls, Christmas shopping…


    I love it all. The cosiness, the spices, the baking, the decorating. We don’t have very put-together themes, we have decorations made by the children or collected by us. We bake gingerbread cookies and cakes and make mulled apple juice.


    If those moments are precious to you now, think about what they’ll mean to your children someday.

    Christmas is so much more than just “Santa”. It’s about transmitting our favourite childhood traditions and making new ones.

    It’s about the people we spend it with. It’s about the warmth, the food and the smells.

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