Complete my survey for a chance to win a €20 Gift Voucher with Rainbow Kids Boutique

Why this survey? I have created this survey to help me gain a better understanding of my market and potential customers and their outlook on family photography. This will help me make improvements to my offerings and communication to…

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Natural Parenting Ireland Magazine

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Have you heard of Natural Parenting Ireland Magazine? This is Ireland’s first magazine dedicated to gentle and responsive parenting approaches. Their tagline is « Connecting you to your parenting village » and I am so happy to be a part of Issue…

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Wear A Hug Fair 2017 – A glimpse of the atmosphere

Two weeks ago exactly, I was at my first Wear A Hug Fair 2017 as a photographer. I really enjoyed it! Facebook and other social media platforms are great, but there is nothing like having a person coming to…

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Wear A Hug Fair 2017 – Babywearing, photography and more…

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Babywearing Ireland’s annual Wear a Hug Fair takes place on Sunday 1st October 2017, at the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare from 10:30am-5pm and is Ireland’s largest gathering of baby wearers. Are you going? If so, come to my…

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Any Christmas fans out there?

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I am looking to hire a family with children aged 2-8 years old for my upcoming Christmas Campaign. As a documentary portrait photographer, I am looking for families with strong Christmas traditions such as baking special Christmas goodies, creating…

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Find me on Instagram

If you are on Instagram, you might already be following: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Johanna – Family Photographer (@johannakingphotography) on May 11, 2017 at 2:16pm PDT I have also recently created a new Instagram…

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Holly opening their family photo album

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Before Christmas, I delivered their photo album to Leanne, Holly and Penny and enjoyed watching them flick through the pages for the first time. For my clients, seeing their images printed is nearly like seeing them for the first…

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Grandparents are important

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My grandparents were and are very important to me. My daughter’s grandparents are very important to her and to my husband and I. I knew they must be important to other people, but now, I know they are. After…

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Season’s greetings and Best of 2016

I wanted to do a selection of some of my favourite images from 2016 as a form of thank you to my clients. I also want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I recommend you to take a…

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Niamh & Barry’s Dun Laoghaire wedding featured on One Fab Day

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It is always an honour to be featured on a wedding blog such as One Fab Day, and especially when you are introduced with such kind words. « Niamh and Barry chose this unique and character filled venue for their…

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Model Call/Give away: Complimentary Engagement Session

Due to a last minute cancellation, I am opening one last slot for an engaged couple willing to model for a couple session at a beach location around Dublin (I have a few options in mind). **The session needs…

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