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Designer sketching fashion illustration with color swatches.

When I met with Sarah for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the way she spoke about creating dresses (= with passion).

It has to be said, I am not a great craft-person so I always admire people who are and can create beautiful things with their own hands. Sarah is one of them and she can also draw amazing sketches to help her brides visualise what their dream wedding dress will look like.

I went to her studio to photograph her at work. It was very soothing looking at her and I left inspired! Hopefully the video and photographs will give you a glimpse of what it felt like to be there.

Sarah, how long have you been creating wedding dresses? How did it all start?

As a little girl, I would happily spend hours cutting, sewing and creating anything I could get my hands on. I was a determined young lady and knew that designing dresses was my ultimate dream.
Out of that dream came Sarah Foy Couture. Having spent my time training and gaining experience in the fashion business, my love of gowns and creating one-off pieces never left me. So 12 years ago I made the leap and started to create for a selection of brides.

Tailor adjusting garment on mannequin in workshop.

What is your favourite step of the creation process?

There are two parts of the whole process that I just love. The first meeting with a client is great. I sit down with them ask tonnes of questions and get inside their head. This helps me to visualize what image they have of themselves for the big day and the ideas that I can create to bring that to life.
Secondly, the little details. Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I talk about hand beading and hand embellishment put I love the intricate work. It is a very creative process and I find it therapeutic.

Designer holding lace fabric over sketch at worktable.

Did you notice any trends in colours and fabrics for 2018?

Trends in bridal are slower to change but I am definitely seeing more requests for separates. Brides looking to change their look from day to night. Going for two tops with one statement skirt for example.I am also seeing lots of layering of colour – subtle blushes and blues with ivory or white overlays to give a hint of colour.

I was lucky enough to see a few creations from your upcoming accessories collection. Tell us more!

I am thrilled and excited about my new collection. Having custom made all our accessories for clients in the past, I really wanted to bring these very special pieces to a new audience. Not everyone gets a chance to have something custom made for them. I believe this new collection will allow brides to purchase something to be treasured, that can be handed down from mother to daughter. A truly unique design, Irish made and exclusively theirs.

Hallway with framed portrait and cluttered shelf.

Where do you get your inspiration?

For me, inspiration is everywhere, down the beach after a stormy night, an interesting texture or colour from nature. Just a simple button can spark of a flow of ideas, that can become a whole dress. I collect images, fabrics and interesting details everywhere I go. Some will evolve into detailing on a dress or an idea for an interesting silhouette.

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