Tandem Breastfeeding Triplets And A Toddler – Dublin

Two mothers breastfeeding and comforting children on a sofa.

Let me introduce Cliona and Sue, two wives from Dublin, Ireland, and their inspiring family and breastfeeding journeys.

Sue gave birth to triplets at 31 weeks and the early days in NICU were really difficult as she had to pump around the clock for the triplets who couldn’t latch on yet.

Once Sue had established breastfeeding, Cliona started to help out with feeds. Sue was still doing most of the feeds (which means constant rotations with 3 babies), but Cliona helped out when she could.

Family time at home with mother and children with one mother breastfeeding triplets.

“Being able to feed all 4 children has been an amazing experience,” says Cliona in this great article on the Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK Facebook Page. “My wife does 99% of the hard work, but I feel so grateful that I am able to contribute that last 1%.”

Cliona’s breastfeeding journey with Aoife didn’t have an easy start either. After unsuccessfully trying to breastfeed her in the first few days, she started formula-feeding her baby girl. She was never happy with the decision and got upset whenever she saw anyone breastfeeding their baby.

Mother breastfeeding her toddler on a couch.

A long journey followed, involving expressing around the clock and snipping a tongue-tie. Relactation is possible but requires time and patience: yet, by the time she was 12 weeks Aoife was exclusively breastfed.

If you want to read Cliona’s full story, read this article from the Irish Times: “From bottle to breastfeeding: a hard journey to contentment”.

Mother holding and kissing baby in a sling while breastfeeding an other.
Mother feeding baby, children playing in colourful room.
Smiling baby wearing bib on beige blanket.

Cliona had warned me that their house was crazy, but whenever I was there, it wasn’t half as crazy as what you would have expected from a life with triplets and a toddler. Obviously, I only witnessed a couple of hours here and there, and I know their lives are like a roller coaster you cannot pause.

Mother breastfeeding baby at home.

Breastfeeding your baby is so natural and yet there is something quite powerful and magical in the above photograph.

Infant breastfeeding, close-up black and white photo.

Breastfeeding triplets requires a lot from one person, and it’s impossible not to admire Sue for doing it. Especially when I struggled with sleep deprivation with only ONE baby. At the same time, I’m sure that bottle-feeding triplets around the clock isn’t any easier, especially at night.

Two babies lying on a carpet in monochrome.
Elderly woman holding baby, black and white photo.

Life with triplets and a toddler under the age of 3 is hectic, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. We have very little time to reflect on our very quickly created and slightly mad, but wonderful, family. Breastfeeding and carrying our children in slings can be demanding but allows us to spend lots of time with them and ensures they all get lots of cuddles. We want to be able to look back and remember how crazy it all was, but also that there were quiet moments in there too, and to capture some of the beauty in the madness. – Cliona and Sue

This is when life is at its craziest – when you don’t even have time to think of hiring a photographer – that you should make it a priority.

If you are interested in a family / breastfeeding photo session in Dublin, don’t wait and get in touch!

Child playing with puzzle on room floor.


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