Brand Ambassador Programme

Brand Ambassador Terms

I started my Brand Ambassador Programme in 2021. It allows me to:

  • Work with families who love and value my style of photography during my slower months
  • Have full creative freedom or try new things
  • Refresh my portfolio or post new photos on social media
  • Reach new like-minded families thanks to my ambassadors’ own circle.

Are you interested in joining my new Brand Ambassador Programme?

Are you someone who understands deep down that everyday memories are not only “good enough” to be photographed but will be the most valued by your children in the future?

Do you promote self-love and self-acceptance within your family? Are you feeling confident about showing authentic, unposed images of your family life to your family & friends, even if they aren’t “picture-perfect”?

Terms & Conditions

  • A signed contract (1-year) and model release are mandatory.
  • Sessions will take place within 20kms of Dublin Airport only.


  • A half day-in-the-life photography session per year (Up to 4h – Worth €650 A La Carte)
  • 10 High-Res digital files (Worth €1500 A La Carte)
  • 15% discount on Printed Products
  • €100 credit towards additional products/sessions for every referral session booked
  • €100 discount on session fees for friends and family (referral program)

Link to 2023 Pricing Guide – Password: jkp2023

Referral Program

  • Get €100 & Give €100. For anyone booking a session with me mentioning your name, you receive a €100 credit towards your next session (or products from your last session) and the referred client also receives a €100 credit off their current session. No limits on how much credit you can collect.


  • Answer questionnaires (2-5 questions) about your experience Before the session / After the session / After seeing the images OR write a guest blog about a subject my audience would be interested in.
  • Provide testimonials for marketing use.
  • Post a photo from the session once a month on social media with a tag to my IG or Facebook profiles (@JohannaKingPhotography). Feel free to mention the referral offer.
  • Promote and share brand social media content regularly.

Optional but much appreciated

  • Post one “behind-the-scene” photo or short video in your stories after the shoot and tag @johannakingphotography
  • Share your genuine reaction right after the shoot. Tell your followers how you felt, whether you had fears before the shoot and did they come true.

Important Note

I obviously want the relationship to be a positive one and the content posted to reflect positively on my brand. I also want my Brand Ambassadors’ content to be 100% genuine and authentic. So, if for any reason, you were not happy with my service, please let me know directly. I will not ask you to lie! We can simply terminate the contract.

Any questions, let me know!