From Three to Four | Maternity & Newborn Photos in Portmarnock

Child puts sock on baby's foot indoors.

In this blog post, I’m delighted to share the story of Baby Cara, beautifully documented during not one, but two photography sessions in Portmarnock: one maternity session and one newborn/baby session.

From the anticipation of pregnancy to the joyous arrival of a new life, each moment is a precious chapter in the story of growing families. Join me as we explore the beauty, love, and connection woven throughout these special sessions, celebrating the miracle of new beginnings and the timeless bond between parent and child.

For their maternity session, this family chose to capture some everyday moments as a family of three, right before welcoming a new baby at home. That was in January 2019 just as the sun went down.

Woman and child getting ready to go outside.

Transitioning from a family of three to a family of four

It’s a pretty big milestone for any family, and rather than focus on the “baby bump”, documentary maternity photography will capture what life felt like before the baby arrived. No matter what, things are going to change. And even when it’s for a very happy occasion, there can also be some concerns when facing that change.

It’s true for a couple expecting their firstborn, or a family of three adding a new sibling to the equation…

It’s normal to worry a little, wonder how different the relationship will be, and if you’re still going to have enough time to connect like before.

From what I’ve seen during my clients’ photo sessions, the transition for an older sibling can range from very difficult to effortless.

I came back a few months later to capture some of their first memories as a family of four and you will only find joy in those photos.

Also, breakfast outside in Ireland in April? How lucky were they?

I think my favourite moment is C. listening to his singing cereals after pouring the milk into his bowl. Or maybe when he’s putting a sock on his sister’s tiny foot.

So here are some of my favourites from both sessions, and Jenny’s words sprinkled in between.

Little boy going fast on his balance bike in the local parc
Little boy playing with train in the tree
Little boy playing with ball and laughing with his father
Pregnant belly photo at sunset in the park

I wanted to capture some of the last days as a family of 3 and the start of our life as a family of 4.

Little boy making a silly face
Little boy laughing while his mother tickles him on the floor
Family playing a pizza making board game
Family playing board game, child laughing.

I had seen your work online and knew we “needed” your photographs in our life!

Child and adult making pizza together in kitchen.
Little boy sticking his tongue out while taking the pizza with the oven gloves
Mother hugging her little boy on the couch and him laughing

My favourite part of the experience was how relaxed we all felt. Nothing was staged or awkward and I was surprised at how quick the time passed.

Little boy sitting on his dad's head on the couch
Dad hugging his laughing son on the couch

And a few months later… they were 4!

Bedside table with lamp and plush toys.
Family adoring baby in cot.

Before the session, I was worried about my appearance. I was also concerned about the house being perfect. But in the end, what I loved most about the photographs was that they were “us”. You captured us and made us look more beautiful than I could have imagined. You also have a knack of blurring the background so the mess seems charming 😂

Baby holding adult's finger in crib.
Child lying on wooden floor in colourful pajamas.
Child in colourful pyjamas playing on bed.
Father and child enjoying playful moment together.
Child puts sock on baby's foot indoors.

We’re so glad we went ahead and did it. The photos are wonderful. They are totally worth it and so much better than staged pictures.

Family with baby and child on bed.
Mother and child laughing together indoors.
Child having a moment on stool in kitchen.
Mother and child sharing a tender moment outside.
Child listening to cereal bowl at outdoor table.
Child playing with rake in garden.
Smiling baby wrapped in colourful crochet blanket.
Child with rugby ball outside in garden.
Smiling baby in red outfit held by father.
Father embracing baby tenderly, black and white photo.
Mother nursing baby on couch at home.

I love having pics of us in our home getting the kids ready, feeding them etc. It makes the pictures extra special. Especially the feeding ones as it captures me feeding in my usual spot on the couch rather than posed somewhere.

Infant holding adult's finger, black and white photo.
Family on sofa, baby held by mother, candid moment.
Toddler showing card game to baby and mother
Family playing together on living room sofa.

We will definitely hire you again, maybe when the kids are a bit older to capture the next stage of family life.

Mother with two young children sitting on sofa.
Mother nursing baby, child under crochet blanket.
Child with pacifier under crochet blanket.

As I wrap up Baby Cara’s maternity and newborn photography sessions, I’m reminded of the beauty of love and connection. If you’re inspired, schedule your own session today, and let’s capture the magic of your journey together.


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