The city of Dublin is the capital of Ireland and has a fascinating history as well as present-day charm. Conveniently walkable, and known for being one of Europe’s friendliest cities, Dublin remains an attractive location for visitors and tourists from around the globe. Although it is perhaps best known for Guinness and pub culture, this charming Irish city offers lots of opportunities for family-friendly fun. 


Located right on the east coast of Ireland, it is no secret that Dublin is home to some of the most amazing beaches and cliff walks. Be sure to block off a day in your travel itinerary to search for sea shells on a sandy Dublin beach or to go on a Cliff Walk. Will you be brave enough to go for a cold water sea swim? Most are even accessible by public transport.

Family photos taken at a family's caravan at Britta's Beach, Wicklow


Be sure to set aside time for a walk or hike through the trails of Dublin’s mountains. The tranquility of nature and breathtaking views are guaranteed to make you want to extend your trip to beautiful Dublin.


Consider a family adventure walking the paths of one of Dublin’s many Fairy Trails. These quaint trails provide a magical atmosphere with tiny fairy houses and gardens and all sorts of fantastical displays that children will fall in love with.


Boasting a beautiful display of over 17,000 different species of plants, Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens will not disappoint. The warm greenhouses are perfect for a rainy or cold day. Plus, free admission makes it an easy option for families who may be looking for flexible additions to their itinerary!

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Dublin Zoo is the fourth oldest zoo in the world and one of the most popular attractions for families in the city. Friendly staff and over 600 well-cared for animals from around the world make this zoo an enjoyable place for all and a day well spent!


If you are traveling to Dublin in the warmer months, consider going on a family bay cruise for a view of the area from an entirely new vantage point. Watch for seals swimming nearby and gear up to enjoy some delicious food at a fish restaurant in Howth or views of the lighthouses at Dun Laoghaire.

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Located right in the center of the city of Dublin, St. Stephen’s Green Park is a gorgeous garden park that would make for a perfect family picnic or walk to feed the ducks and admire the scenery. Admission is free, but be sure to look into the tours offered as well to get even more out of the experience.


Dublin was settled by Vikings twice and has a rich medieval history. Dublinia Museum is a remarkable and immersive attraction showcasing the truths of Dublin’s captivating past.


Croke Park is a Gaelic games stadium and offers the much more modern-day immersive experience of a skyline tour that the whole family is sure to enjoy!


Part of Ireland’s vast history includes the Great Famine and the resulting diaspora which saw millions of Irish citizens emigrate to other countries. EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum has been recognized in recent years as one of Europe’s leading tourist attractions, and for good reason. Ireland’s history and culture come alive through the incredible interactive and engaging experience the museum provides for its visitors, and you are sure to come away with a brand new appreciation for the legacy of Ireland.


Also known as Ghallagher’s Boxty House, The Boxty House promises a reasonably priced menu full of Irish originals. Don’t miss out on the famous Boxty potato pancakes – a Dublin specialty!


A toll bridge once upon a time, this historic bridge holds fascination for tourists year round and it is always a simple but great addition to a Dublin visitor’s itinerary.


Noted as one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe, Dublin’s Grafton Street holds much opportunity for those eager to shop as well as those looking to enjoy entertainment via talented street performers! The street is right off of St. Stephen’s Green Park, so the two are easy to visit back to back.

This list of breathtaking, fascinating, and altogether FUN things for families to do in Dublin, Ireland, is only a snippet of all of the wonderful opportunities this captivating city offers. Have fun planning fun and interactive activities for your family. And the photographer in me must say – don’t forget to take tons of pictures! 

While you are at it, reach out to me to plan your documentary family photo session in the Dublin area! My approach to family photography is relaxed, authentic, and personal. My goal is to put everyone at ease and make the family photography experience enjoyable. Kids are awesome little beings. With some freedom, they will show me who they are, their quirks, likes, and dislikes, and I’ll get to capture it for you. It is likely that there will be lots of laughs and maybe tears or tantrums. You’ll hear me say it often: don’t worry about it, REAL IS PERFECT.

A family from New York visiting Dublin with their children


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