Create a time capsule of your family with a

Documentary Family Photo Session

and you will be amazed a year later, at how much has changed

Example of a gallery wall of 6 framed prints in an Irish home

Raise your hand if:

The last few weeks have been a series of to-do lists,
Every single day seems to merge into the next with nothing to show for it,
You know this moment in time is precious and also fleeting.

What if you could hit pause for a few hours?

What if you could…
focus on being in the moment
with the people you love most
in the place your children are growing up (home)
knowing that someone else is preserving the cute/funny/tender and even mundane moments.


You will not regret it.
If you still have doubts, read my clients’ testimonials.

Family Photos by Johanna King Photography

It doesn’t even have to look perfect

It just has to be real. You just have to relax and be yourself and let your kids be kids.
Yes, they can get dirty.
Yes, they can make a mess.
Yes, they can have big emotions.
Yes, they can be shy and quiet too.

Just trust them, trust me and trust the process.

You will not regret it.
If you still have doubts, read my clients testimonials.

Hi! I’m Johanna,

This is me and my two children in 2023. Our house isn’t “picture-perfect” and yet, the photographs taken in it reflect who we are and where we live.

I like: Nature, the sea, traveling, meeting new people, exploring new places, and sharing simple moments with my family. A mix between adventure and relaxing at home on a rainy day.

Autumn/Winter 2023 Special Offer

60-90 mins “Taster” Documentary Family Photo Session

Family Photos by Johanna King Photography Family Photos by Johanna King Photography Family Photos by Johanna King Photography

Limited availability.
Book by 10/10/2023. Schedule your session by 28/02/2024.

These sessions are unposed photography sessions and take place in your home and/or backyard. You do not have to stress about getting out of the house.

Some families like to have a loose plan of activities such as getting ready, dressing up, baking, crafts, sports, reading, breakfast, lunch etc.

If that’s you, we can discuss your vision ahead of the session, or I can just arrive on the day and capture what your family gets up to, however mundane it may seem to you.

The key is not to plan too many things and have no expectations when it comes to young children. They will feed off your energy, so the more relaxed and trusting you are of the process, the better!

What’s Included:

  • Pre-session phone consultation
  • Travel up to 30kms from Dublin Airport
  • Up to 1h30 of coverage on the day
  • (6) 30x20cms Fine Art Matted Prints (Fit 40x30cms frames)
  • (6) Matching Edited High-Resolution Digital Files (For Backup & small prints)

Investment: 1140
or 3 payments of 380

Session deposit (380) required at booking to secure your date.

Check Availability

Optional Upgrades:

  • Add more time (if you would like more of your day captured)
  • Upgrade to a storybook with 24 images and all High-Res files
  • Add more prints or digitals (once you have seen the images)
  • Upgrade to one of my other packages (Prices on request)

This “taster” session is perfect for you if:

  • You are feeling time-poor and wish you could spend more time as a family.
  • You often feel nostalgic seeing your children growing & changing so fast right before your eyes.
  • You’d love recent family photos on your walls, but keep waiting for the “right time”.
  • You do not recognise yourself in traditional family photos.
  • You would like photos that really capture who your family is at this moment in time.
  • You are curious about documentary family photography but don’t feel ready to commit to a longer session yet.
  • You want your children’s real personalities and expressions to be captured.
  • You don’t want to have to perform for the camera.

Get in touch to book or ask questions

Here is how past clients describe the experience

We had a lovely time last Saturday. We were saying afterwards how nice it was to just concentrate on being a family for a few hours as we definitely don’t make enough time for ourselves! We are really looking forward to seeing the photos.


Before the session, I was worried about the camera intruding on moments or us feeling pressure to perform for the camera. Instead we forgot you were there as a photographer and we had a lovely family afternoon and you slotted in so well it was as if you had always been part of the family. There was no pressure to perform, behave or pose.


The whole experience was so natural: no posing or trying hard to get the perfect picture, instead, we got to enjoy a family day. Our images are a total expression of life and looking at them makes me feel those precious moments again!!


It was such a relief to know that the pressure was off of me to try to capture those special moments of us together. Johanna did a phenomenal job and her laid-back personality fit right in with our family’s own calm and laid-back energy.
I couldn’t think of a better gift to myself or our family than the beautiful albums of photographs that she made for us. They will be treasured always!