You might already have your favourite family Advent & Christmas traditions that you share with your children every year. However, if you are like me and would like to start some new traditions with your little one(s), this could be a great source of inspiration.

Some of those traditions are from Ireland, others are from Germany or France. Some were transmitted from the previous generations and others were made up for and by the children.

Events & Wonderment

  • Go to a Christmas show/concert
  • Go to a Christmas storytelling at the library
  • Get some tickets for a carousel
  • Go to a Christmas Market
  • Go to the Panto
  • Go to see Santa
  • Go into town to see the Christmas Lights (walk or drive)
  • Go food shopping together
Little girl excited to put the christmas buns in the oven with red oven gloves

Baking & Tasting

  • Bake Gingerbread cookies and cakes
  • Bake and decorate Christmas cookies
  • Bake Mince Pies
  • Bake the Christmas pudding or cake
  • Making mulled wine/cider/apple juice
  • Eat Christmas pasta, or rather Christmas tree-shaped pasta
Mulled Apple Juice Making and Handmade Christmas Decorations

Crafts & Decorations

  • Picking the Christmas tree together and putting it up
  • Setting up a Christmas Crib
  • Making and putting up paper Christmas Decorations
  • Making & Painting salt dough Christmas Decorations (handprint, stars…)
  • Making an advent calendar
  • Making and sending Christmas Cards
  • Making an Advent Wreath
Mum reading a christmas book to her daughter on advent sunday

Christmas Spirit at Home

  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Wearing Christmas jumpers
  • Wearing Matching Pyjamas
  • Lighting the Advent candles
  • Cosy advent Sundays with hot chocolate, stories, cookies and candles
  • Christmas music and singing/dancing together
  • Write the letter to Santa

Acts of Kindness

  • I don’t have a specific example, but I would like to incorporate something in our house. I don’t want Christmas to be only about getting for our daughter, but to also be about giving.

Don’t forget to capture those traditions and the little details: the hands, the smiles, the excitement… I find these are even more important than opening presents on Christmas Day. After all, those traditions will be what our children will remember of their childhood Christmasses and what they are likely to pass on to their own children.

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