My business Covid-19 Response Plan

On March 15th, 2020, my photography business had to close, like so many others, to slow down the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19.

When the Irish government released the ‘Roadmap for reopening society and business’, they also issued a specific ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) have also published guidance & checklists on how to produce a ‘Business COVID-19 Response Plan’.

While the complete Response Plan is available to you on request, I wanted you to get access to the most important information in a way that could be easily digested.

If you are thinking of hiring me for a photo session or have already hired me, I would ask that you read it all, however long it may be.

Covid-19 Safety Precautions

If you *just* want a quick breakdown of the changes, here they are :)

A quick breakdown of Covid-19 Safety Precautions

  1. I will be taking precautions outside of work. This is very important, as it means fewer chances of me getting infected!
  2. I will keep a log of contacts in case I need to provide the HSE with a list of contacts for tracing. I also use the HSE Tracking app.
  3. Sessions will need to be rescheduled if anyone involved (client-side or my own family) present symptoms (see HSE list of symptoms), or travelled outside of Ireland in the last 14 days, or has been asked to self-isolate by a GP. Even if that means rescheduling on the day. Clients will be required to fill out a “client screening form” that serves as a self-declaration the day before the session, and need to update me if anything changes in between filling it out and my arrival time.
  4. In case I am the one who presents symptoms, and the session/event cannot be rescheduled, I will work with several photographers to provide backup. This is not guaranteed, but we are a tight community of brilliant artists willing to help each other.
  5. During each photo session, I will aim to maintain a 2-meter physical distance, but this will not be possible at all times in order to create the images you see on my website, in which case 1-meter will be respected, and not for an extended period.
  6. I own masks and have educated myself on safely wearing a face covering. Depending on the session/situation/location, I will opt to wear a mask indoor. This is something I will discuss with my clients ahead of time. It can create an emotional distance with children and make it more difficult for them to relax in my presence.
  7. I will take my shoes off when I arrive at a client’s location and leave them outdoor (front or back of the house).
  8. I will drive to the session / I will not use public transport.
  9. I will follow the respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene recommended by the HSE.
  10. I will wash my hands with soap & water as soon as I arrive, and use a hand sanitiser regularly during the session (especially before or after touching something).
  11. During long sessions, I do need to use the bathroom. I will use my hand sanitiser right before and right after.
  12. I will refrain from touching things as much as I possibly can, but sanitising of high-touch areas once I leave is recommended.

If you are concerned about Covid-19

Opt for a short, outdoor session.

We will still create meaningful photos for your family.

  • Either pick a location you would visit with your family on a regular family day (local park, beach, pet farm, walking path…)
  • Or bring me with you on a mini-adventure / day trip to a new location, for some excitement!
  • Stay home and think of a few backyard activities: the perfect opportunity to capture your home and remember that’s where you spent most of 2020.

If the weather is also a concern (it often is, in Ireland), talk to me. I can be flexible, so we’ll figure it out, or just take the wellies and rain jackets out.


That’s it! At the end of the day, it will be fun and I’m so glad I’m back photographing families. As I’m writing this, August is nearly booked out, so don’t wait much longer if you’d like a session before school starts.


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