When looking at photographs of their vacation, this family of five from New Jersey won’t just remember the beautiful Irish landscapes or the colourful pubs of Temple Bar.

No. They will remember little faces covered in sugar from the cronuts they bought at Temple Bar Market, the seagulls they fed by the Liffey after missing the train for Howth, the seals, the crazy guys jumping from the rocks in Howth (and one falling sideways), the wrestler star “Edge” passing in The Cliff Stop café (while the kids were holding a plastic figurine of said Wrestler – missing a leg. What are the chances, right?) and the lovely musicians initiating them to guitar and ukulele.

You know what I love most about my style of photography? How the best photographs come from the unplanned moments. All I have to do is stay open to the unexpected, the mundane, the simple moments and connections, observe and capture it.

Thank you again Lexi for hiring me to capture this special family vacation for you!

Family of five on vacation buying cronuts in Temple Bar Market, Dublin Family of five on vacation walking in Temple Bar, Dublin Little girl helping her little sister eat her cronut Family eating their cronuts on a bench by the Liffey in Dublin Boy running trying to catch a pigeon on the quays in Dublin Brother and sister feeding seagulls on the quays in Dublin in front of Custom House Boy throwing a piece of bread at the seagulls on the quays in Dublin Family on vacation throwing pieces of bread to the seagulls in Dublin Family taking the elevator in Tara Station in Dublin Family waiting for their train to Howth in Tara Station in Dublin Mother smiling in front of Dublin City Modern Buildings Mother and son looking at the train passing in Tara Station Dublin Little girl giving a hug to her little sister while their brother is laughing Children on a train journey to Howth in the DART Girl playing with the window in DART train Dublin Mother and son hugging and laughing on the DART train to Howth Family of five walking along the pier in Howth with boats behind them and blue sky Girl laughing while her father launches her in the hair by the hand Family of five looking at the boats in Howth harbour on a sunny dayChildren playing with the exercise machines in HowthMen jumping from the rocks in HowthFamily looking and laughing at the men jumping from the rocksLittle girl laughing while her mother holds her upside down Family on vacation enjoying the cliff walk in Howth with a blue sky Mother and father kissing each other in front of the beautiful view Children playing with stones in Howth while their parents chat Mother and daughter's hug in Howth in front of the sea Brother trying to kiss his sister in Howth Mother helping her daughter come down a big step in Howth Cliff Walk Guitar player and singer smiles at little girl in Howth coffee shop Cliff Top Big Dog at the Cliff Top Coffee Shop in Howth Family having lunch at Howth Cliff Top Cafe and seeing Wrestler Edge Boy with wobbling tooth biting into a big oreo ice-cream Girl looking at her oreo ice-cream with envy Little birl biting into her ice-cream and making a funny face because of the cold Children eating ice-creams and dogs looking at each in Howth Little girl playing ukulele while guitarist looking at her Brother and sister playing ukulele and guitar in Cliff Top Coffee Shop in Howth

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