I knew Valentina and I were a perfect match when she explained that she had thousands of photographs of her daughters stuck on the cloud and none on her walls. She was overwhelmed by the whole thing and didn’t have a clue where to start, or even how to retrieve them from iCloud. She wanted a photographer who would take care of everything for her: from taking the photographs that represented her family’s personality to delivering ready-to-hang products she could start enjoying straight away. (We could call them “ready-to-enjoy”!)

Framed Storyboard Collage from a Dublin Family Photography Session at Home

I am always super excited when I realise that a client is not only connected with my work but also with the fact that I care about printed products. I know how hard it is for parents to find the time (and energy) to regularly make a selection of images from the thousands that were taken, decide what to do with them and finally get them printed. Do you know how I know that? Because I struggle with it too! I do wish sometimes that someone else would come over and sort my personal photos out for me, or help me with every step until I get to actually print (and see!) the photographs that make me happy.

Detail of a Framed Sprinted Storyboard from their Dublin Family Photography at Home

Valentina’s family had relocated to Dublin recently and she wanted her girls to be captured right now, at the stage they were in, and before she started working and life got crazy once again.

It was the day after a snow storm and it was cold so we spent most of the time at their apartment: playing, dancing, cooking, eating lunch. Then we walked (and cycled) to their favourite café to have coffee and cake.

Dublin Family Photography at Home Mother and daughter playing and laughing in their sitting roomToddler girl playing with a monkey mask and smilingLittle girl with curly hair concentrated face while colouringFamily arriving at their favourite coffee shop in Dublin Little girl making a funny face when her mother tastes a bit of her cake Father rubbing his daughter's cheek tenderly Father and daughter laughing and tickeling

At first, Zoe was too busy playing by herself to interact with her little sister, but you just can’t force that type of moments or they don’t look real. This is why a longer session is important. You don’t have to pretend or stage… you just have to be patient and ready. Only when their parents got busy preparing lunch did the two sisters start playing together in the sweetest way.

Two sisters playing sleeping on the floor on cushions Little girl pointing at her sister to lie down beside her Parents making lunch together in their Dublin appartment Sisters playing mother and daughter at bedtime Sisters hugging each other while doing pretend play Big sister kissing her little sister while playing "bedtime" Sisters playing hid and seek under a bookSisters playing ukuleleLittle girl kissing her little sister Little girl pinching her big sister's noseFamily of four walking and holding hands

I could keep sharing more, but I am going to leave you with something Valentina wrote to me after I delivered the storyboards:

THANK YOU for capturing one of our special (every)days, the storyboards are already on the wall… maybe not the best positioning but somewhere that is easy to access, in fact we keep stopping by and admire them.

I want to say “Thank you” Valentina for letting me into your lives. It was such a privilege.

Home Family Portraits in Dublin

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