One Stunning Photobook Including both Maternity and Newborn Photoshoots

A few days ago, I delivered beautiful printed products to this family of five: a photo album including photographs from both their newborn and maternity session, a large wood block of their favourite family photo, two prints for the boys (of their cat, Shadow) and one for the grandparents.

So today, rather than showing you photographs of the actual sessions, as I would normally do, I will show you photographs of the delivery day, so you can see how very cute their little Kayla is. Her little chubby cheeks are just perfect and Jen cannot stop kissing them. Her big brother Leon is also crazy about her and you can see their special bond on one of the spreads of the photo album. He also had chubby cheeks as a baby and their little nose is exactly the same!

Ah well, I can’t resist showing that particular photo… It might be my favourite!

Big brother stroking his newborn sister's head to calm her down

Some of you might know Jen from Doulacare Ireland and read her story about Kayla’s arrival and cleft palate. She’s been exclusively pumping for Kayla since she was born and this is not what she had envisioned during her pregnancy. Here is what she says about the session:

We had planned to take some breastfeeding photos when our baby was born but she was born with some complications, which meant this was not possible.
I was unsure how the session would go as life felt chaotic and I was not on the journey I had imagined. Johanna showed such empathy and care and caught some lovely images in her signature relaxed way.

Baby girl smiling at her dad cleaning her face

Baby girl with big blue eyes smiling at the camera

The Photo Book Reveal at my Clients Home

Family opening their print order in their kitchen and laughing

Little boy exciting when he sees a printed photo of his cat

It was an honour to photograph some of their last moments as a family of four and their first “official” photos as a family of five.

It’s hard to find the words to express how much admiration I have for Jen, embarking on the difficult journey of exclusively pumping and bottle-feeding her milk to Kayla, with weekly weight checks and medical appointments.

Professional photo album blue linen cover Professional photo album thick pages Professional photo album inside cover title Photo Album spread showing brothers baking Photo Album spread with brother stroking his baby sister's head

At the time I thought I’d hate looking at photos of me pumping etc but seeing them 3 months on I am so glad we did. I can remember the feeling from each photo but also we can see how far we have come.
Life isn’t always “picture perfect” but capturing daily life is such a wonderful gift and we will treasure our photos forever.

Photo Album spread showing family hanging out in the living room and mother pumping milk

Johanna captured some beautiful moments in such a relaxed way – with a mothers eye. She knows what moments we will treasure and freezes them in time!

Baby girl with very cute face and chubby cheeks Father and baby looking at each other Family discovering their favourite family photo printed big

I hope these photographs play a small part in showing her that, while life is not exactly how she imagined, love transpires from even the simplest of their family interactions: Jen kissing Kayla’s button nose every few minutes, Paul efficiently burping Kayla, Leon rubbing her little head and Seth… well Seth isn’t so much into babies… but he loves their cat Shadow and looks really cool while playing his guitar 

Boy playing guitar in his bedroom

Check out a video of Jen and her family opening their photo album on my IGTV (instagram Tv) channel:

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