A maternity photo session is so much more than just photographing a baby bump. It is about capturing what won’t be any more so that you can travel back in time and feel what it was like to be pregnant or what it felt like to be “just” a couple. Rich and Neasa were about to welcome their first baby into their lives and wanted to be able to look back.

Couple expecting their first baby making lunch in their kitchen in their Dublin homeExpecting father looking at echography pictures of his baby during their Dublin maternity photography session

Pregnant mother making tea in the kitchen of their Dublin home

Father touching his wife's pregnant bump in the kitchen during their maternity photography session

The two sessions took place in their home in Dublin: which is where they spent most of their time on those two occasions. This is where they brought their baby home and where she will grow up (at least for a few years). I believe “home” is the best location for a newborn session and even family sessions: it helps hugely in bringing back memories to life.

7 days after the birth, they were still both spending a lot of time looking at their baby, in awe that they were able to create such a beautiful creature. New fathers are also in awe of their partner, and it was really sweet watching Rich taking care of Neasa: making tea, preparing lunch and looking at her with so much love. (Not to say that he wasn’t already doing this before, he was!)

Newborn baby in her cot at home in Dublin Photography of Newborn baby yawning in her cot in Dublin Father stroking his newborn baby's cheeks while his wife holds her in their Dublin home Newborn baby smiling against her mother during their Dublin In-Home Newborn Photo Session Newborn baby holding her mother's finger tight during their Dublin In-Home Newborn Photo SessionNew parents looking at their newborn baby in Dublin Father's hands looking huge while holding his newborn daughter in Dublin New parents in their kitchen in Dublin making tea and holding newborn baby New parents looking at their newborn baby while putting her in her cot in Dublin

They chose to combine photographs from both sessions on a medium framed storyboard which now hangs in their kitchen, which means they see it every single day.

Photo collage from a Newborn Photo Session in Dublin Detail from a Photo collage from a Newborn Photo Session in Dublin

In-Home Maternity and Newborn Sessions in Dublin

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