Susy wanted to capture her breastfeeding relationship with her younger daughter Amy while it was still going strong. It was also the perfect opportunity to get new family photos for the walls of their newly purchased house.

Have you ever seen a breastfeeding/batman photograph in your life?

Toddlers are so great to photograph: they will be themselves even if someone with a big camera is there to capture the proof of their mischiefs.

Mother sitting on the floor smiling and nursing her 2-year-old girl Father carrying his two little girls at the same time Father helping his daughter dress up her baby doll Little girl struggling to dress her baby doll Father playing the flute with his little girl in living room

When it was time for lunch, the two girls helped to prepare the carbonara pasta.

Two little girls standing on a step to cut pancetta Two sisters cutting and eating pancetta Little girl reaching with a funny expression for pasta carbonara Father and daughter exchanging a look and smile at dinner table Two sisters sharing a chair at lunchtime and eating pasta Funny expression from little girl looking at her sister's ice-cream Mother putting a pink batman mask on her daughter Mother breastfeeding her daughter while she's wearing a batman mask Father smiling at his daughter while fixing her batman mask Little girl doing gymnastics on the couch while a father changes her sister's nappy Mother kissing her daughter's feet tenderly and father watchingFamily sitting on the couch watching TV and breastfeeding

Here are some photos of the album they ordered. Album covers comeĀ in a range of colours and materials.

Family photo session album cover and wrapped prints Family photo session red album cover Sample spread from the family photo session album Father and daughters pages from family photography album


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