If you followed my work for a bit, you must have realised that I don’t want stress to be a part of the whole experience. It is possible to get beautiful portraits done for your walls without tears (from the children… or you).

If the idea of going shopping for outfits and having to force your children into them is giving you sleepless nights, then don’t! At the end of the day, that’s what you will remember from your session and you might never build up the courage to do it again.

Grandparents and grandchildren on Sunday Afternoon

Decide on the day

It’s not for everyone, I know, but you can just get dressed on the day the same way you would usually dress, and that’s it. How more stress-free can it be?

Also, if your child loves to live naked, then why not let him/her?

Navan Grandparents/Grandchildren Photo Session

Be Yourself

The most important thing to remember about preparing for your session is to be yourself! Dress nice, but don’t get so “dressed up” that you are uncomfortable.

Let your clothes reflect your family’s personality and style while keeping in mind your interactions and family bond is really the focus of the session.

Feel great

Make sure to choose things that make you feel great! The better you feel in your clothes, the better you’ll look in front of the camera.

Most of us are (very) critical about appearance and struggle with the way we look in photographs. Clothes don’t solve everything, but wearing something flattering will boost your confidence and help you relax.

(Mums: if you’re going for coordination, pick your outfit first!)

documentary family photo session dublin

Colours you like

You will be looking at those photographs for years. It doesn’t matter whether the photographers are colour matched with your walls, as long as you like the said colours.

(You are allowed to hide that greenish yellow t-shirt your husband son insists on wearing every day if you hate it.)

Be aware that red and orange are colours that really grab the attention (nothing wrong with that, but best to keep it in small touches or for children only).

maternity session in Dublin Mountains

Don’t match

Try not to match your clothes, unless this is something you would do on a regular basis. As I said earlier, we want the photos to reflect your family’s personality, not what you might have seen on Pinterest.

Morning with grandparents in Dublin

Coordinate (if you like)

If clashing colours are something you are NOT into, then, by all means, you can plan everyone’s outfits a little in advance to make sure the overall look will be visually appealing to you. Pick 3 main neutral colours and add little touches of bright colours using accessories.

Note: This might only work with cooperative children and partner :)

Dublin Documentary Newborn Photo Session

Toddlers and children

From a young age, children like picking their clothes, so it might be a good idea to involve them in the process or offer an alternative.

If they are as headstrong as my little one, you might trigger a big meltdown by trying to force something on them. Is it worth it?

And you know what, five years from now, you might smile when seeing your daughter wearing her Frozen dress with her yellow boots, because it was just so “her”.

Dublin Maternity Video and Photo Session

Dress for the season and location

When you go to the beach, you might not dress the same as when you go to a fine dining restaurant. The same concept goes for a photo session. A dressed up outfit might look a little out of place if you are going puddle jumping, but perfect if you’re going for a city feel, and if you’re staying at home, there is nothing wrong with wearing your comfies.

If the session is taking place outdoor, make sure everyone is warm and comfortable. If you’d rather not use coats (because they suddenly clash with the rest of the colour scheme), use multiple layers.

The “don’ts”

  • I would usually say to avoid logos, graphics, characters, labels, as they can be distracting and will date a photo quickly.
  • I would keep black to a minimum but that’s mainly because you can see every bit of crumb, loose hair or dried up milk on it :)



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