So a few weeks ago, I did a Facebook Live Video to brush on a subject that I am unveiling little by little in my journey towards documenting my family, our everyday lives and the people around us.

I talked about how we take things for granted (everyone does) and how when those things stop, or those dear people to us pass away, we are often sad and nostalgic and wish we could go back in time.

Photographs will not bring back someone we miss deeply or change our toddler back into a newborn (or our teenager back into a toddler), but I believe that it helps to revisit happy memories when we need it (when we go through harder times).

Photographs and written words, music and smells, the sound of a voice, a laugh, waves… our senses can make us feel like we’re there again. It might make us cry, miss it even more… but mostly, we’re glad we have that chance to travel back.

The word “insurance” came to my mind. Documenting our lives today, the things that we like to do, that make us happy, laugh, and harder things too – it’s like an insurance for the future. We don’t yet which ones we will miss, which one we’ll want to re-live, but just like any insurance, it will be there when we need it.

Since doing the video, I started listing in my head all the things I am taking for granted today and that I should document, as my insurance for the future. I am not sure yet how much of the negative things I want/should document, but I might end up missing some of them some day, who knows?

Here are some things on my list that might spark some ideas for you:

  • My parents / My family in general. They are around now, I must focus on documenting them regularly (every time I see them)
  • My grandparents’ house. I must really plan a trip soon just to document the house and its content.
  • The places we love to go to (cafés, beach, park…)
  • My daughter’s little hand in mine when we go for a walk
  • Reading books on my lap at bedtime
  • The cuddles in bed in the morning
  • Her hand playing with my hair when she’s in my arms
  • Her running for me to give her a kiss when she hurts herself
  • The way she loves helping: folding clothes, setting the table, washing, vacuuming…
  • Our family weekend breakfasts with fresh bread and croissants
  • Her singing from the top of her voice
  • Her (very very) happy face when we get to spend time as a family
  • Her innocence
  • How easy it is to please her – the simple things – as long as we give her our full attention
  • The little chubby wrists, fingers and legs

Being mindful is the most important step. Documenting comes next.

I would love if you shared some of yours with me!

PS: As I am going back in time through my photos (for editing and printing), I will look at the photographs with different eyes too. Rather than look for perfection, I will ask myself how the photos make me feel.


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