Today, I received one of the most beautiful compliments.

Someone told me that when she came across my photographs on social media, it felt like I was enjoying myself. That I cared.

Yes, yes yes! I do enjoy myself when I am photographing families and couples. So much that I cannot stop smiling.

I only realised it when a client told me: “You must love photographing. You’re just smiling all the time.” When I photographed Monika for her interview, she also said I looked so happy behind the camera and wanted to take a photo of me.

Taking photographs of people is very fulfilling. Seeing my clients happy at their viewing and ordering session is one of my favourite part of the whole process. I do care about every family and wedding and I feel very lucky doing what I do.

It’s very sunny and warm today and I feel like sending some love: so thank you to all my clients for making it possible!

(If only there wasn’t any bookkeeping and marketing to think about.)

This photograph was taken by my friend and fellow wedding photographer Leanne Keaney on a wedding we did together.


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