How lovely to know what my photographs mean to my clients one year later!

Here are some of Genevieve’s own words, one year after their newborn/family photo session we did in their home in Dublin.

In the last year, they sold their house and had to move to a rented house and put all their things in storage (photos included).

“I have the two photos printed on the wooden blocks hanging in our bedroom. I had had those put away so it was lovely to look at them afresh. My favourite for sure is the family one on the bed. It captured a moment in time – Michael wild and running and obsessed with his daddy and Harriet and I in the background feeding (I think Harriet fed 25 hours/day in those early months!). It’s a special calm memory – thank you for this! It’s hard to believe Harriet is the same little person today, she’s so determined and full of life and independence!!”

Thank you Genevieve!

(In case you’re wondering where are the images she is mentioning, I am respecting their wishes of not having any images published online.)


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