Knowing what my images mean to my client make my work all the more exciting. I really connected with Anna’s story and this is one of my favourite breastfeeding photo session from last year.

I always felt that my body was failing me until I breastfed.  Every part of my journey to motherhood required medical intervention to coax my body to reproduce and produce, so when it came to breastfeeding, I was sure that yet again my body would fail me. Instead, the milk flowed, he learnt to suck, and his little dimples were nearly swallowed by the chubby cheeks that emerged as I nourished him. Three months on, it is the thing that I am most proud of and it has renewed my respect for my body and what it can achieve. – Anna

Baby Breastfeeding Photo Session in Dun Laoghaire

The weather, the sea and Dun Laoghaire’s pier were a perfect backdrop for Anna and Finn’s connection and smiles.

Anna was leaving Ireland for Lebanon a few weeks after the session and brought a storyboard with her to hang in their new home. She will forever be able to feel and remember what it was like to nurse her baby boy and will be reminded of their walks on the pier.

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I would love a photo that celebrates breastfeeding and all that it has given to both my son and I.

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