Dublin grandparents family photography

My grandparents were and are very important to me. My daughter’s grandparents are very important to her and to my husband and I. I knew they must be important to other people, but now, I know they are.

After I advertised a Model Call for Grandparents/Grandchildren photo sessions, the amount of emails and comments I received was wonderful. I honestly didn’t expect that many responses and some of those emails were real love declarations for the grandparents in their lives.

Words that kept coming up were:

“They mean the world to us.”
“They help out all the time.”
“My children are her absolute world.”
“She would do anything for both them and me.”
“We would be lost without them.”
“My parents light up when their grandchildren are in the room.”
“[Even in difficult situations] my parents always have time for our children.”
“Since becoming a parent I appreciate them more now than ever.”

And reasons why it would be important to them:

“I’d love to capture the love in my mum’s face.”
“I want them to be able to look back and remember the special times.”
“I want them to have a memory of our times together.”
“It would be amazing to capture the special bond between my little ones and their grandparents.”
“It would be lovely to capture some special moments of them together.”
“We never quite capture the true beauty of the fleeting moments we see the children enjoying with their grandparents.”
“I’m only sorry I never got something like this done with her before she passed away.”

Another thing that became clear to me was that the grandparents weren’t in many of their photographs and even less with their grandchildren. Some parents also mentioned how they wish they had more photos (if any) with their own grandparents who have since passed away.

Finally, something that really connected with me was the several emails mentioning parents with dementia or Alzheimer and the effect their grandchildren have on them. It’s just amazing to read that the only time they smile and seem happy is when they are around. My own grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer and her daughters are keeping an updated wall of photographs of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren in her room.

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