Having photographs of her breastfeeding her baby boy was very important to Brigid.

I have no photos of me breastfeeding my baby which really makes me sad. He is already 5 months and getting cuter by the day. I’m going to have to wean Jamie in the next few months… I don’t want to but I need to for medical & work reasons.

Mother breastfeeding her baby boy lying down on bed

You don’t always need a reason to want to preserve those special moments with your little one, but weaning for medical reasons would be the first reason for mothers to contact me.

The breastfeeding photographs can also be taken during a longer family session including both parents and siblings.

Mother breastfeeding her baby boy and holding hands Big sister kissing her smiling baby brother on the hear Father trying to make his baby boy laugh Baby boy lying on bed while big sister is jumping on the bed Mother breastfeeding her baby while her daughter gives both of them a hug

Whatever stage of breastfeeding you are in, it’s never too late to get some professional nursing photographs. We can either an intimate 1-hour “mummy & me session” or a 4-hours family session. Just get in touch today and we’ll have a chat about it!


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