The Sally Gap is one on my favourite place in Ireland. Only 20 minutes from the M50, you actually feel like you’ve been taken to a different planet. The landscape is brown, hostile and that’s what makes it breathtaking.

Emma and Philip share a passion for the outdoors and especially if it involves wakeboarding or snowboarding. It’s a big part of their lives and Philip actually proposed to Emma on the top of a mountain in Whistler (Canada), surrounded by their best friends, after asking Emma’s father for one her mother’s ring. What makes it even more memorable are all the reasons why the day didn’t unfold according to plan (hangover friend, snow storm…): a story that they will recount again and again for years to come.

For me, Philip & Emma crossed a river on slippery stones to allow for a dramatic shot beside an old tree, jumped as high as they could, walked hand in hand in the middle of the empty road and stepped in the waterlogged blanket bog.

It’s obvious that they are each other’s best friend – a recipe for a great wedding and an exciting marriage.

One of my dreams as a photographer was to shoot a couple walking in the middle of the tiny twisting road and thanks to Emma and Philip, this dream is now fulfilled.

  • Nina
    April 23, 2016

    Beautiful shots

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