15 Ideas for a Fun In-Home Family Photography Session

Family Photos by Johanna King Photography

Are you feeling stressed about your upcoming family photo session? Take a deep breath – I’ve got you covered! The most important thing is to be relaxed and have fun with your family. Your photographer has the expertise to capture those magical moments and turn them into beautiful portraits. To inspire your creativity, I’ve compiled a list of ideas for your in-home family photo shoot. Let’s create something beautiful together!

Mother and Daughter Playing Hide and Seek at Home During a Family In Home Photo Session

1. Play Games

One idea for your family session is to incorporate some interactive activities that everyone can participate in. Board games, hide-and-seek, or jigsaws are all great options that allow the family to come together in the same room and have some fun. These activities can also help to loosen everyone up and create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Plus, they will result in some great natural moments that truly capture your family’s personality and dynamics.

Family playing together on living room sofa.

2. Bake Some Treats

Baking cookies, or whatever sweet treat you prefer, is another family photo idea. Everyone in the family will enjoy participating (and eating the treats afterwards), and your photographer will get some wonderful photos out of the fun. You can also include decorating your baked goods, whether they’re cookies, cupcakes, or cakes. Other fun options are making pancakes, milkshakes, or chocolate fondue (yum!).

Child licking whisk in kitchen with family.

3. Have a Pillow or Tickle Fight

Want to capture some genuine laughter and smiles? Have a family pillow fight! It’s a perfect way to loosen up and get everyone comfortable in front of the camera. Just make sure to move any breakable items out of the way first. If pillow fights aren’t your thing, why not replace pillows with tickles?

Mother playing with laughing baby on sofa.

4. Decorate the Christmas Tree

If you’re doing your session near the holidays, why not incorporate decorating the Christmas tree? It’s a great way to check two things off your to-do list and make some core memories with your family. Plus, you’ll have some beautiful photos to remember the tradition by.

Christmas tree with handmade ornaments and lights

5. Blow Up Some Balloons

Balloons are so simple and yet so popular! Let the children blow up some balloons too – it always makes for some funny faces when they’re very little (and maybe one meltdown or two). Balloons are so versatile that the rest of the activity will just happen naturally.

Elder and child inflating Halloween balloon together.

6. Play with Your Kids’ Favorite Toys

If you have younger children, pick out some of their favorite toys to play with. You can build Legos, play make-believe with a playset, or have a tea party. This is a great way to keep your younger children entertained during the session and makes for some great memories in your photos.

Child practices babywearing with toy and family.

7. Have a Dance Party

Let loose and have some fun by having a dance party with your family. Put on some of your favorite tunes and show off your best moves. It’s a perfect way to capture everyone’s personalities and have a great time.

8. Include Your Furry Family Members

Pets are a part of the family, and so they should definitely be included in your family session. Have your kids play with their pets like they would in their normal routine, throwing balls or playing tug-o-war. Your photographer can also capture snuggles with your pet.

Little Girl Tying a scarf around her dog's neck

9. Read Together

Reading a book together is a great way to get everyone cuddled up close on the couch. Pile some of your children’s favorite books together and start reading aloud. This is a great way to remember the books your children loved when they were little and capture a favorite family activity. 

Father reading book with two children on sofa.

10. Make a Craft

Your kids will be completely absorbed in an activity if they are making a craft together. Kids love being able to create something while also being allowed to make a mess. You get two keepsakes at the same time with this activity, as well: beautiful family pictures and cute art projects. 

Children painting cardboard cutouts on floor.

11. Play Outside

If you need a change of scenery, head outside for some fun photo ideas. Jump on the trampoline, play on the swing set, bring out the bubbles, or work in the vegetable garden. The possibilities are endless! 

Family fun with toy tractor outdoors.

12. Do Your Normal Routine

This idea may seem boring, but it is definitely where some of the sweetest memories and pictures are made. Is there something in your daily or weekly routine that brings your family a lot of happiness? Incorporate this into your family photo session so that you can remember these little details as the years pass by.

Child observing sewing work at home table.

13. Have a picnic indoors or outdoors

Set up a picnic blanket and basket of snacks in a cozy area of your home or yard, to capture some sweet moments of your family enjoying lunch or a snack.

Girl eating a burger outside on the ground.

14. Build a fort

Gather some blankets, pillows, and chairs to create a fort in your living room. This is a fun and unique way to capture some authentic shots of your family having fun.

15. Have a talent show

Let each family member showcase their unique talents and skills, whether it’s singing, dancing, or telling jokes. This is a fun and lighthearted way to capture some personality-filled silly moments.

Child smiling in a princess costume indoors.

The family that plays together, stays together! These are just a few ideas for your family session at home, but there are so many other possibilities! Have fun, and remember to try to stay relaxed. Don’t stress about the kids’ behavior or the house staying tidy. You want those photos to be of fun, lighthearted moments, and loving snuggles.

I’d love to chat with you about your in-home family session in the Dublin area (I also travel nationwide). Reach out to me and we can chat!


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