Life happens in the little moments

Each day of your life holds thousands of little moments.

The biggest moments of your life are actually made up of thousands of little ones. Like when you meet your partner’s gaze for the first time on your wedding day or when you’re greeted by all the smiles from your loved ones at once as you walk down the aisle.

Then there are the small ones we accumulate every day. The ones we forget about almost as quickly as they happen. The way your daughter scrunches her nose when she laughs or how your son plays with your hair when he is tired.

Happiness is the sum of these fleeting moments. It happens when we become aware of the precious details of our life and see the beauty in unexpected places. I want to help you see the beauty in your reality, the magic in your everyday.

Wedding Photography Family Photography

I believe in photographing life as we live it.

In our homes, amongst our beautiful messes, in the spaces that mean something to us. I want to remember everything about my daughter’s childhood: the scenes, the experiences, the smells. This is impossible, of course. But I know that a photograph can bring us back to a season in the past. And I want to give my clients this gift of memories.

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